TRUTH (Sinful Series Book 1) by Trilina Puccia is finally live and available everywhere!

Title: TRUTH
Author: Trilina Pucci
Series: Sinful Series 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: October 30

About Truth


It was a tryst.
A sin swallowed down by desire.

That’s what I tell myself.
But my body isn’t the only part that
aches for him now.

I sold my soul.
Now my heart is a slave to the devil.
Dominic King.

He unveiled the taboo,
illuminating my lie
and unexpectedly stole my heart.

But I walked away.


Lust is my religion.
She became my sanctuary.

If it’s forgiveness she seeks
the price just doubled.

And she’ll pay it bound at my feet.

I gave her pain for pleasure.
Her truth.

Now I’ll make her beg me for more.


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“Fucking you isn’t my problem. It’s what to do with you after.” Smacking his drink down on the bar top, he puts his hands on my waist and walks me backward away from the bar. He jerks me forward, eliciting a surprised yelp as I’m hoisted over his shoulder. “See, that’s the problem.” Bringing his hand down on my ass hard. “The way I see it, this is all you get. I’ll give you my cock, but that’s it. That’s the only deal I’ll make with you. Take it or leave it.” It’s a start. Without hesitation, I whisper, “I’ll take it. But it won’t be enough.” He places me back on my feet and looks me up and down. His expression mirrors my own frustration. “I hate that fucking outfit. I want you naked. Now.” His words leave little room for debate.

“What? What’s wrong with my outfit?” I look at him like he’s lost his mind.

“It restricts access.” Crossing his arms, he grins, waiting for me to disrobe.

“I’m not taking off my clothes in the middle of this room.” He has lost his mind. “We’re alone, and last I checked, it’s a fucking sex club. Take your goddamn clothes off so I can bury my dick inside that tight, wet pussy, Drew.” I’m fucking dripping the minute he growls at me, but I take all the time in the world, slipping off each shoulder, giving my tyrant his own private show. The more time I take, the more his jaw tenses. God, I love riling this man up.

“You realize the longer you take, the harsher the punishment. I will take out every one of the seconds on that ass tonight.”

“Promises, promises,” I challenge back. He grabs his cock and adjusts the bulge, groaning with the motion. “You have ten seconds to get it off, then I’m ripping it off myself.” His demeanor couldn’t be more serious. He will tear this very expensive, amazing outfit off my body without so much as a second thought.

“Ten.” I start on one of my heels, unhitching the ankle strap.

“Nine.” Finishing, I move to the other. “Eight.” The strap around my ankle gets stuck as I start to panic. I’m never going to make it.

“Seven.” Fuck it. I rip it off my foot and pull down my right shoulder strap, starting to shimmy.

“Six.” I start looking around the room. “Five.” I scope out where I could go to buy some more time.

“Four.” I love this outfit.

“Three.” Son of a bitch.

“Two.” Struggling with the zipper, it finally comes loose, and I push my jumpsuit down to my ankles.


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About Trilina Pucci

It all started when…

Trilina decided, 3 years ago, that between making grilled cheese sandwiches and running carpool she was going to write saucy novels for readers to titillate and excite them. She hasn’t slowed down since!

Trilina has always had a love of writing, as a child she would journal and typically change the ending of whatever she was writing to suit her daydream. A knack for storytelling has translated into her debut, as an author, being met with rave reviews.

She lives in California where she multitasks the roles of wifey, mama and author. She hopes you enjoy her words and keep coming back for more!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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