RELEASE REVIEW:  in·ten·tion by Ava Harrison

Title: in·ten·tion: a novel

Author: Ava Harrison

Release: February 6, 2019

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I had it all.

Dream job, fancy apartment, great family.

But there was one thing I didn’t have.

Would never have.

Then he showed up.




He came to me with an ultimatum, and I had no choice but to agree. I needed to convince the world that I was Nathaniel Harrington’s girlfriend so his legacy would stay intact.

Spending time with him would be difficult.

And fooling the world would be even harder.

But persuading my heart into thinking that his kisses meant nothing and that his gentle touches were all in my head, would be impossible.

I was falling for him.

But fate had other plans.

Our time was limited.

Because I knew the truth.

A truth that would end us.

Ava Harrison’s book have been on my Kindle for a long time, but I’ve not had a chance to read one yet due to my schedule and my endless TBR, so I knew that the only way I could get some Ava Harrison romance goodness was to sign up for an ARC, which is exactly what I did for intention: a novel – Nathaniel Harrington and Madeline Montgomery’s story.

Nathaniel and Madeline are definitely opposites in every sense of the word – his easy going, cocky, and smart-mouthed demeanor works well for this lady’s man because he’s become a pro at not taking anything too seriously – on the other hand – her structured, planned out, and work-focused lifestyle doesn’t really have time for fun and add in her insecurities and vulnerabilities and it makes sense why these two butt heads from the start.

intention: a novel brings together several romance tropes to shake up Nathaniel’s spontaneous lifestyle and Madeline’s meticulous one, which means, like it or not, they’re going to be forced together, testing their patience and their sanity.

What I enjoyed most about Nathaniel and Madeline was witnessing their growth the further into the story I delved. The fact that both of them are ‘works-in-progess’ helped me to see past some of their frustrating actions, understanding that there’s going to be some give and take as well as push and pull when people are figuring out who they really are and what they want and need for their lives, and because Nathaniel and Madeline are on opposite ends of spectrum, there no doubt will be moments of struggle and disbelief, but it’s also in those times that these two show who they truly are and what they’re willing to do for a once-in-a-lifetime connection.

Nathaniel and Madeline’s snarky exchanges and heated encounters as well as the

dual, first person POV help guide readers through the hero and heroine’s tumultuous relationship, at first, to one that seems essential to both of them despite their differing personalities, lifestyles, and outlooks.

I was glad that Ava Harrison fleshed out Nathaniel’s character, making him so much more than the arrogant playboy readers were introduced to and the fact that  Harrison made it easy for female readers to connect with several of Madeline’s insecurities and flaws makes intention a great read.

4 Poison Apples


Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.

When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.


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