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Book 4: The Shortcoming



As the bond between Alexandra and Branford deepens, they each have their hopes for the future. Branford aspires to lead his kingdom with both wisdom and a firm hand while Alexandra fervently wishes to give her husband an heir.

As Alexandra learns to embrace her noble role, she finds friendship with the girl she rescued from an abusive owner. It seems as though their lives have finally rewarded them with the happiness they have sought.

But happiness comes at a price, for war is on the horizon.

The neighboring kingdom of Hadebrand has amassed an army, and against insurmountable odds, Branford must lead the fight for his people. Alexandra is terrified but cannot let her fear show for she must serve as an example to their kingdom.

The war must eventually end, but there is only one thing on Branford’s mind—to continue the royal lineage. But how will Alexandra overcome her heartache when she can’t give her husband the one thing he must have?

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I knew that there were going to be struggles along the way for Branford and Alexandra, but I’m a bit heart broken at what seems bound to happen in the next book. Historically and logically, I get that it must be done and it’s not like Branford is not weighed down and tormented by the decision, but I’m not sure how this will affect Alexandra because they have finally professed their feelings, verbalizing what they demonstrate to one another every time they give into their passion for each other’s bodies and now I feel like things are going to regress and perhaps even crumble because of it.

Alexandra has proven her strength time and time again with how she handles Branford’s outbursts and rash actions. She has shown Branford a different way to handle things and everyone around them see how essential she is to Branford’s new demeanor and the fact that she seems to be his voice of reason…his conscience when it comes to his people and how he handles things with them. Alexandra has always felt inadequate in her new position, and now that she seems to be unable to give Branford what he truly desires and needs, I’m not sure if they’ll be able to come back from what has to happen.

So much has changed between Branford and Alexandra since the beginning of this series. What started out as a way to teach an arrogant King and his wretched daughter a lesson has given Branford a wife who truly makes him a better man…a better ruler. Branford and Alexandra are learning to communicate with more than just their bodies, which gives me hope that there will be another way to produce what is necessary because if there’s not, I’m not sure if the love between them will survive.

A complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Shay Savage lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her family and a variety of household pets. She is an accomplished public speaker, and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International. When not writing, she enjoys science fiction movies, masquerading as a zombie, is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and member of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. When the geek fun runs out, she also loves soccer in any and all forms – especially the Columbus Crew, Arsenal and Bayern Munich. Savage holds a degree in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.

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