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Samuel Clearwater, A.K.A Preppy, likes bowties, pancakes, suspenders, good friends, good times, good drugs, and a good f*ck.

He’s worked his way out from beneath a hellish childhood and is living the life he’s always imagined for himself. When he meets a girl, a junkie on the verge of ending it all, he’s torn between his feelings for her and the crippling fear that she could be the one to end the life he loves.

Andrea ‘Dre’ Capulet is strung out and tired.

Tired of living for her next fix. Tired of doing things that make her stomach turn. Tired of looking in the mirror at the reflection of the person she’s become. Just when she decides to end it all, she meets a man who will change the course of both their lives forever.

And their deaths.

For most people, death is the end of their story.

For Preppy and Dre, death was only the beginning.

This is the fifth book in the King Series and it’s meant to be read after Soulless.



I’ve never wanted a character to come back from the dead more than I wanted Preppy to, and then when it happened, I needed his story…his history; I needed to understand how Samuel Clearwater became Preppy and how he turned into a man who carried a spark of evil in his eyes and an array of twisted needs that fuck him up as much as they set him free.

Part 1 in The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater doesn’t focus on Preppy’s rebirth; rather, it allows readers to understand more about his past and what made him the bow tie wearing, smart ass tattooed man he is – the one who stole our hearts with his sharp wit and love of pancakes, and the person who tries his damnest to move on from his past despite the personal hell he seems to go through when his odd proclivities require him to play.

Preppy is all about damning the man and looking for light in the midst of his darkness, and while he can’t really understand his attraction to a strung out addict, what he, as well as readers learn, is that there is more to Dre Capulet than the needle marks on her arms and the desperate crimes she committed to get her next fix.

From their first encounter, Preppy is intrigued by Dre and his need to taste her…to own her, even if it’s just for a short amount of time, overwhelms him to the point that he looks for ways to use her sins against her in order to get what he wants. But regardless of how drawn Preppy is to Dre, he knows she’s not meant to remain his…he’s too messed up to keep her, even if that’s exactly what his black heart wants.

Preppy and Dre’s demons as well as their addictions almost make them one in the same, but because Preppy’s seem to be so much deeper, he weaves his tales and plays the parts he needs to towards everyone in order to protect those he loves…those people who have become his family and saved him in more ways than one. And, even though I would absolutely place Dre in that category, Preppy sees something in her…something that still remains untainted, so he’ll do what he has to do to set her free, even if it means that he imprisons his heart in the process and provides Dre with an out that she’ll never truly be able to take because he owns her regardless if he won’t keep her.

At the end of Part 1, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered and revelations that will definitely cause turmoil and torment in Part 2, and it’s unclear what Preppy’s rebirth will mean for him and Dre, but one thing is clear, even in death and darkness, Preppy remains the smart ass, eccentric well-dressed guy he was in life and it’s clear that he will make hell reign down on those who hurt his family, even if one of those people is himself.

T.M. Frazier has created a depraved, over-the-top world in her King series, and I have loved every twisted and messed up minute of it. I cannot wait to see what she still has in store for Preppy; there’s still mayhem and misery to contend with and there’s only one way King, Bear, and Preppy know how to deal with dark situations, and it’s definitely not just by making pancakes;)

4.5 Poison Apples



“No! I hate you,” she spat, as I continued to tug her beside me.

“Good, you can hate me while I fuck you,” I said. “But first things first. My lesson obviously didn’t take in that brain of yours. You want what you want and I can’t stop you,” I said, as we approached the train tracks which were elevated on a mound of gravel several feet off the ground. The warning lights flashed orange, the neon reflective barriers dropped down to cover the service road, while the bells indicating an approaching train clanged away. “And since I can’t stop you, I’m going to help you out. Bullet in the head was so three hours ago. I’ve got something even better in mind now.”

“Wait. What?” she asked, her teeth chattering. “You…you wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t what?” I said, turning around to face her, almost losing my footing when I noticed the trail of dried tears on her cheeks. I looked away for a fraction of a second to regain my composure. “You think I wouldn’t kill someone?” I cocked an eyebrow. “You already know that I’ve been there, done that, bought the motherfucking t-shirt, doll.” Her eyes went wide and she made a move to step back. “Oh no, Doc, I read your letter and I saw what you wanted. And remember, I’m nothing if not accommodating.”

When I pulled her to climb the gravel mound her knees locked up so I bent over and picked her up by the waist, tossing her over my shoulder, carrying her onto the tracks while she beat on my back with her closed fists. When I got to the top I set her down roughly and she fell backwards onto her ass, bracing herself with her hands against the large pieces of gravel under the tracks.

The whistle of the train blew in the distance. It wouldn’t be long now. Dre made a move to stand up, but that wasn’t what I had in mind. I bent down and pushed on her chest, spreading her tiny frame across the tracks. I crawled on top of her, pinning her down with my thighs. I leaned over her, my chest to hers as we both breathed rapidly. She struggled underneath me to get up, pushing at my chest, but I wouldn’t budge. “Why the struggle, Doc? This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

She glanced up at me as the train whistled again. Her gaze flipped to her right, where the single yellow light from the train emerged from around the corner, shining brighter and brighter as it chugged closer and closer. For a moment she stopped struggling, looking back and forth from the train to me.

“So what, you’re gonna die too?” she asked, hoping to appeal to my sense of self preservation.

I shrugged. “I get bored easily, maybe the devil will make me his errand boy or something.”

“Preppy, this isn’t funny. Get up and get off the fucking tracks,” she said, her concern shifting from herself to me.

I shook my head and yawned. She wiggled underneath me, and although there was a train barreling toward us my cock once again stirred to life. Maybe I should just rip down her panties and push inside of her. Train or no train, it would be one fuck of a way to go out.

“You have to choose, Doc,” I said, making my voice as serious as I was capable. “Life?” I asked, screaming over the sound of the train screeching against the track. I pushed my hard cock against her core and she gasped. Her trembling turned into a shiver, her mouth fell open. I glanced to the side at the blinding light of the approaching train as it bathed us both in a tunnel of light. I leaned down, so close that my lips were a whisper above hers, as I shouted, “Life? Or death? What’s it gonna be, Doc?” My hair blew around my face as the light grew brighter and brighter. “Answer the fucking question!” I demanded, my hands squeezing her shoulders, my fingers digging roughly into her skin. “DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING DIE?”

With only seconds left until we became shredded under the train, Dre closed her eyes and sighed. When she opened them again they were glistening, fresh tears spilling from the edges.

She started to speak, her lips forming the beginning of the word, but before it could fully leave her lips I stood, pulling her up with me. I lifted Dre into my arms and took a running leap off the tracks, my legs flailing in the air as we fell the seven or so feet. Dre’s decision still on her lips, her scream surrounding the air around us as we crashed down into the field.

“I wanna liiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeeeee.”

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About the Author

t.m. frazier

T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and three feisty fur kids.

She attended Florida Gulf Coast University where she specialized in public speaking. After years working in real estate and new home construction, she decided it was finally time to stop pushing her dreams to the back burner and pursue writing seriously.

In the third grade she wrote her very first story about a lost hamster. It earned rave reviews from both her teacher and her parents.

It only took her twenty years to start the next one.

It will not be about hamsters.
Stalk Her: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads.

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