RELEASE BLITZ AND REVIEW: Living Without by Lila Rose

Title: Living Without

Author: Lila Rose

SeriesHawks MC #4: Caroline Springs Charter

Genre: MC Romance

For the past four years, Nary May’s heart belonged to Saxon “Vicious” Black. Despite the painful reality of unrequited love, her feelings never strayed, no matter what he did. But there comes a time when surviving means letting go.
What she never expected was to find herself fighting for her life and trying to survive a new form of torment threatening to swallow her whole.
Saxon was broken. Never feeling worthy, the last thing he ever wanted to do was taint the woman he loved. But it was easier to push and walk away than leave himself open for more heartache. However, when faced with the possibility of losing Nary to the monsters that invade her dreams, the time to run was over.
To save her means risking it all, but to continue living without his heart was no longer an option.
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Living without true love…

Living without one’s other half…

Living without the light of beauty and joy…


Living with the past…

Living with feelings of inadequacy…

Living with years of pain…


The title of Saxon and Nary’s story holds many meanings, both to them and those who love them, and while both Saxon and Nary have lived without one another’s love and affection for many years, one incident throws their lives into darkness and misery, forcing Saxon to step up in a multitude of ways and proving that, despite his mistreatment of Nary in the past and his self-loathing, he would finally claim the woman who has always been his and he would work to treat her like the club princess that she is with tender touches, strong, protective arms, and a heart so full of love for her that she would soon learn how much he was through living without.

Even though it was clear from their first meeting that Saxon and Nary belonged together, it took something dark and devious for Saxon to get his head out of his ass. But that’s exactly what it was going to take because his past had a fierce hold on him and nothing would wake him up or release him from that albatross unless the cost was too great a price.

Living Without has all of the components of a true Lila Rose MC story, but it also has more because the Hawks get assistance from a bevy of intelligent and resilient men and women who find a way to use their specific set of skills to payback those who have committed reprehensible crimes against the club, and it’s clear from the onset of the dangerous situation that the Hawks protect their own and those who are responsible for harming anyone who belongs to them will pay in blood and death. But what Nary goes through at the hands of those sadistic bastards is only part of the story, and while it’s a pivotal part, what’s more important is the way that Saxon proves to Nary that it’s always been her, even when he treated her vilely…even when he rejected her time and time again.

And if readers’ hearts don’t belong to Saxon Black by the end of Living Without then they need to reread this book and truly see the man he becomes, which was always there.

4.5 Poison Apples

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I was born in Brisbane, Australia, my step-dad was in the army which caused us to move around a lot.
We finally settled in country Victoria, Australia. I am the youngest of four children and I can say that I was spoilt a bit.
I drove my mum crazy when I refused to eat meat at a young age.
Now I live with my husband and two children, and I find myself regretting all the troubles I put my parents through because my monsters are just as picky as I was.
I started writing in 2013 and self-published the first of the Hawks MC Club series, Holding Out.
The next to follow was something different, I wrote Senseless Attraction, a YA novel.
Soon, I was back to the Hawks series with number two, Climbing Out.
I have more to write in the series, but there will be also be more novels in the humorous erotica genre, like Left to Chance.

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