RELEASE REVIEW: Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha



She’s the heart of O’Kane liquor.

For years, Nessa has been focused on work. She keeps the whiskey—and the money—flowing, and life is sweet. Sure, she’s tired of being everyone’s baby sister, and she longs for a man who can stand up to her overprotective O’Kane brothers. But she never thought she’d meet him in the middle of a war.

He’s the brains of the revolution.

War is all Ryder knows. He was raised with one goal: to ensure the sectors’ successful rebellion against Eden. His father and his mentor both died for freedom, and nothing will stop him from securing their legacies with victory. He doesn’t have time for distractions—especially beautiful, impulsive ones like Nessa.

Opposites don’t just attract, they combust. Together, Nessa and Ryder have a chance for something more than the lives they’ve always known. But this is war—deadly, bloody war—and the only way to happily-ever-after is straight through Eden.

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Members of the Sectors as well as the Beyond series readers knew from the beginning that war with Eden was inevitable; there was no way that the Councilmen of Eden were going to allow the Sectors to continue their dubious ways without forcing them to heel. But where Eden messed up was in thinking that they could force fighting within the Sectors themselves, consequently wiping themselves out without Eden or its councilmen having to lift a finger. And this poor planning without a series of back-up plans is what Dallas O’Kane and the fighters of the rebellion are banking on in order to bring Eden’s wall down and for the elite of Eden to truly understand what the Sectors are all about, which is a lot more than simply fighting and fucking.

Like all of the stories in the series, Beyond Surrender has multiple plot lines unraveling with multiple voices giving readers insight into what’s happening at varying angles as readers continue their way through the book, and it only seems fitting that the couple central to the final book in the series would be the heart of the O’Kanes and the queen of the distillery, Nessa, and the man who has been training his entire life for the very mission that lies before them, Ryder.

In a war of this magnitude, casualties are inevitable, and because the leaders of Eden are willing to sacrifice just about every member of their society, innocents will die for a cause they wanted no part in, simply because they’re expendable, which forces members of the rebellion to treat all those against them as enemies, making the fight that much more deplorable.

This is a large-scale battle fought on a number of fronts, so while Nessa isn’t out on the front lines, she is pivotal to the rebellion, offering her liquor for medicinal as well as battle purposes and preparing to keep the distillery going long after the war when it’s time to rebuild and get back to living for the moment in all of its debauched ways. 

Ryder is a powerful weapon for the war, so his complete focus is required in order to save lives and protect the people of the sectors; this fight is the culmination of his life’s mission, and each part of his life has been carefully planned out in order to achieve success. But nothing could have prepared him for how he would feel about Nessa after spending stolen moments together and while he still offers safety, shelter, and protection against Eden, that singular focus becomes about more than just winning a war…it becomes about claiming Nessa, even if only for a short amount of time and finding a way to mesh what he’s been taught about war to what the O’Kanes can teach him about the need for debauchery, especially in times of trial.

Dallas and Lex will always remain the King and Queen of the Sectors because their reign is not one that can be challenged despite people’s efforts to do so, and in Sector Four’s den of sin, the rebellion will rise and even if it’s burned to the ground, it will rise again because no one can keep a man like Dallas and a woman like Lex down for long, especially when they have the backing of a group of people who truly understand what the O’Kane empire means and will rally around Dallas because they trust him and his ability to take care of them and theirs.

What goes beyond surrender and what does it mean for a collection of sectors who are barely hanging on due to negligent treatment and greedy, devious enemies? For Dallas and Lex, it means waging a war against those against them and winning by any means necessary…For Jas and Noelle, it means contributing where they’re needed and holding on to what they have when everything around them seems grim…For Bren and Six, it means taking charge and kicking ass in the only way they know how…For Cruz, Ace, and Rachel, it means holding on to what they’ve formed between them and refusing to let go of it regardless of the chaos that surrounds them…For Trix and Finn, it means finding comfort in each other and helping those who need them…And, for Ryder and Nessa, it means living in the moment and giving into their baser desires because in order for a war to be won, its soldiers need find their strength in the people who make them whole.

4.5 Poison Apples


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The Spin-Off Series: Gideon’s Riders

The next chapter in the story of the Sectors is already up for pre-order!

Gideon’s Riders will be set in Sector One and feature Ashwin & Kora, finally telling the story of the Base’s most dangerous soldier and the woman he can’t stop thinking about.


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About the Author

Kit Rocha is the pseudonym for co-writing team Donna Herren and Bree Bridges. After penning dozens of paranormal novels, novellas and stories as Moira Rogers, they branched out into gritty, sexy dystopian romance.

The series has appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, has been nominated for best erotic romance in the RT Reviewer’s Choice award four times, and won in 2013.

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