RELEASE WEEK REVIEW: Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense



When you’ve lived your life as a criminal… 
When you’ve done unspeakable things … 
When your soul has become dark and stained… 

The path to redemption begins where you least expect it. 

Kyle Sommerville is in hiding and doesn’t want to be found by anyone. Certainly not by his quirky, free-spirited neighbor who’s managed to push her way past the walls he’s built around him. But Jane Cresson’s indomitable will and insatiable curiosity about her reclusive neighbor makes it impossible for Kyle to stay immersed in his dark world. 

Little by little, she claws through his shell. 
Day by day, she gets him to smile a little more. 
Night by night, they both find pleasure they never knew existed. 

When Kyle’s terrible past is exposed, Jane begins to think she’s in over her head. Can her love for this broken man finally clear his path to redemption, or will Kyle’s darkness extinguish every bit of hope she’s put into him?






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The title for Sawyer Bennett’s newest release, Finding Kyle, has a number of significant connotative meanings for Kyle and Jane’s story, and all of them signify both internal and external issues that Kyle must face and ultimately deal with in productive and secure ways, so he can heal and protect himself from his past acts.

But this search is not an easy one for anyone involved in Kyle’s life because no one, not even Kyle himself, knows how to help Kyle deal with the monster he had to become when he was deep uncover with the Mayhem’s Mission MC for the past three years.

One meaning of the title deals with Kyle searching for the man he used to be before he lived in filth and committed heinous crimes that would have put him in jail in any other situation. The darkness that he had to delve into in order to prove his loyalty to the motorcycle club is not something that he can free himself from in a short amount of time and with the self-disgust he holds, it’s unclear if the Kyle he was before he went uncover will ever reappear.

Another interpretation of Finding Kyle is the fact that there are corrupt people after him…those he betrayed…those he sent to jail…those who want revenge. As long as Kyle remains isolated and stays out of trouble, he should be in the clear, but there’s always a chance, especially with the type of power those evil doers wield that his location may be found out and the people who want him dead just might have a chance to make it a reality.

In my opinion, the one explanation for the title that holds the most significance is Jane helping Kyle find the person he truly wants to be…despite the situation…despite the risks…despite the secrets he’s keeping for her own protection. Kyle is not an easy person to get to know and even though there are reasons for his aloofness and antisocial tendencies, he needs Jane more than he ever thought possible, and even though Kyle feels he can’t be fixed, especially by someone as pure as Jane is, Jane gives Kyle a reason to let the sunshine in and perhaps find a way to be a new and improved Kyle, one who can offer more than just glorious sex.

I loved Kyle and Jane’s story…there’s a rawness to it, which is exactly the grittiness that I adore about Sawyer Bennett’s writing. Kyle is a hardened man, but Jane is the perfect spunky and caring woman to soften Kyle’s edges and get him to loosen up with one of her multitude of movie references that can’t help but make him shed some of his harshness despite his every effort to remain aloof and unattached.

Finding Kyle is a passionate and soul searching story that speaks to the idea of identity and how the very qualities that make a person who he is can be lost under dramatic and distressing situations, changing him forever and forcing him to redefine who he is at his very core, which might mean losing a part of himself and ultimately never getting it back.

4.5 Poison Apples

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