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Bad boy quarterback Ty Mathews has it all–money, women, fame. On the gridiron, he vanquishes defenses with his golden arm. Off the field, it’s another part of his anatomy that gets all the glory. And deservedly so, for what he doesn’t know about women hasn’t been written.

Except for MacKenna Perkins.

The rookie reporter wants nothing to do with him. After all, she was hired to cover women’s and social issues for her local Chicago newspaper, not deal with cocky football players. But when the sports reporter falls ill, she’s asked to interview a wide receiver. And since she knows next to nothing about football, she totally fails at it.

Until Ty Mathews volunteers his services.

With her job on the line, she accepts his offer. Too late, she realizes her unruly heart’s not listening to her head. In no time at all, she’s in his bed, doing all those dirty, filthy things he likes to do.

But soon secrets surface about his past. Secrets that may destroy his future. And MacKenna must decide if the price she must pay for the story is worth her broken heart.

A smokin’ hot, STANDALONE, FULL-LENGTH novel with a guaranteed HEA.

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I’m a sucker for a steamy sports romance story, and I love spitfire heroines who are genuine and unafraid to put the cocky hero in his place, and if there’s one person who needs to be brought down a few notches, it’s definitely Ty Matthews.

Ty is the stereotypical, professional football player – he’s a notorious manwhore and his skills in the bedroom are just as coveted and exploited as his ones on the field. For the most part, Ty owns up to his player persona and isn’t afraid to indulge in all that’s offered to him as the golden boy of the Chicago Outlaws, but the one aspect of his life that remains a bit of a mystery is his past, so when Windy City Chronicle’s rookie journalist, MacKenna Perkins, starts to dig into Ty’s college days, she smells a story too good to pass up, but when her personal feelings get in the way of her professionalism, it’s unclear just how dirty MacKenna’s willing to get with the Outlaws’ quarterback.

Dirty Filthy Boy is an enjoyable and sexy read that explores how charming innocence and honesty can be when one’s life is filled with drama and fakeness. MacKenna won’t compromise her ethics, even when her body wants her to give in, which is an admirable quality to have, and the fact that Ty’s protective instincts come out in various parts of the plot show readers that he’s more than his good looks and his million dollar arm.

I have to admit, though, that while the sizzling connection between Ty and MacKenna was clearly illustrated, their relationship as well as the angst that they dealt with throughout the story felt a little flat…I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t see anything unique about the plot line or if I’ve just read too many sports stories, but I was looking for something extra to drive the storyline, and I was left a bit unsatisfied.

Despite a few issues, Dirty Filthy Boy will entertain readers with Ty and MacKenna’s banter as well as the mystery behind both of their pasts.

3.5 Poison Apples


Exclusive Excerpt

Ty lets out a hard breath. “You’ll need to earn their respect before they open themselves up to you.”

“I know. How do I do that?”

All fluid grace and masculine power, he strolls back to me. “Well, for starters. You need to learn the game.”

I nod in agreement. “I’m reading up on football and doing research.”

“You need to do more than that. I can teach you.” His voice softens, as his hand reaches out to fiddle with my hair. “I can teach you lots of things.”

His body’s tight against me. His hard-on’s pressed against my belly.

“Ty?” I glance up at him through my eyelashes. He’s so much bigger than me, so much of a man. He smells like one too. Not of expensive cologne, but like a guy who’s been pitching balls to kids. Nice, clean sweat and, underneath it all, him.

“You drive me crazy, you know, with your soft hair, pouty lips, and milky skin.” He puts his lips to my neck, and I shiver. “And your smell, dear God.”

My body flares up into a fiery need. I want him. I want this man more than my next breath. But there’s something he must be made to understand.

“I’m not a groupie.”

“Oh, sweetheart, of course you’re not. You’re sunshine and rainbows and everything that’s right in this world.”


“Say, yes, sweetheart. Say yes, and I’ll give you anything you want.”

I don’t breathe a word, but let my trembling body do the talking for me. Interpreting my silence as consent, he slowly strips me of my sweater, my jeans, leaving me in nothing but a pink bra and panties.

His hot gaze sweeps up and down my body. “Look at you. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

I notch up my chin. “I bet you say that to all the girls you bring here.”

His lips flatten. “I’ve never brought a woman to my home.”

My eyes widen. “You haven’t?”

“No. You’re the first.”

He hasn’t kissed me, but that’s got to be worth something. I wet my lips. “Take off your shirt.”

One handed, he rips it off in that way guys do, oh, so very well, and my breath cuts short. Ty clothed is one thing. But bare-chested, he’s magnificent. Hard pecs, huge arms, ripped everything. And his abs? I could do a week’s worth of laundry on those ridges.

“MacKenna, baby, say yes. I can’t do it unless you agree.”

I let out a shaky sigh and, even though I know better, breathe out one, single word. “Yes.”


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USA Today Bestselling Author Magda Alexander loves writing steamy contemporary and romantic suspense novels (the STORM DAMAGES and SHATTERED SERIES) with sexy, alpha males and passionate, strong heroines. A lifelong learner, Magda graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Business Administration. She’s lived in Maryland most of her life and now resides close to the Catoctin Mountains in a city whose history dates back to colonial times.

You may always reach Magda at She promises she will always write back.

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