RELEASE PROMO AND REVIEW: Dark Desires: A Contemporary Romance Collection Full of Bad Boys, Bikers, Billionaires, and More!

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From Amity Cross: Includes the EXCLUSIVE, never released, Beat and The Pulse novella, IGNITE!

A New Fighter Has Arrived…

IGNITE (#11 The Beat and The Pulse) is being released exclusively in Dark Desires!

Alison Anders is a nobody. Alone, awkward and plain, she goes through life under the radar. Until the day comes when she can’t take it anymore. When she hears about the dark and enticing Underground, she gathers up the courage to go.

The Underground is an illegal cage fighting league that’s full of primal violence, debauchery and passion. Where sex and pain are delivered by the alpha male fighters who dominate in the ring.

When Alison steps through those doors, she can be anyone she wants. Anyone but the nobody she is when the sun comes up.

What does she have to lose? Just her heart, body and soul…


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Review of Ignite by Amity Cross

Ignite is a story about taking chances…about risking one’s heart even if there’s a distinct possibility it will be broken because living instead of simply existing definitely comes with growing pains. It’s a story about how people see themselves and see one another and the ways that those perceptions are changed through appearances and attitude. It’s about trying to break down walls of insecurity and rebuild self-confidence and positive thinking.

Ignite’s hero and heroine will frustrate readers, but I think that’s normal when it comes to a story whose characters are constantly trying to evolve but end up getting in their own way a significant number of times. Alison Anders is a complex as well as a confusing heroine…she desperately wants to be noticed…to be accepted…to be wanted, but she doesn’t know how to make that happen and the way she chooses to initiate that change could actually get her killed because the Underground isn’t the type of place a woman like Alison should go to reinvent herself, but then again, she doesn’t have any other place to go.

Alison’s metamorphosis happens gradually throughout the story, and it’s a process that repeatedly stops and starts due to her own doubts as well as the actions of others around her. For too many years, she’s isolated herself and allowed others to walk all over her, so it takes time to be strong enough to make the necessary changes, but Alison wants to reinvent herself…to step outside of her shell and break free from her past and have a say in her future, so she has to stop hiding and learn to no longer hide in plain sight.

The Underground may not be the best place for Alison to reinvent herself, but because anything goes there and she can blend in without drawing too much attention to herself, she finds comfort in the darkness and while she gets herself into a few difficult situations, she also blossoms a little bit each time she steps outside her comfort zone and lets her walls down enough to show the her inside.

Liam, known as Blade at the Underground, doesn’t know how to let anyone in beyond a night or two in his bed. In the past, he was always left behind, so now he takes the steps necessary for that not to ever occur again, which means he pushes people away before they can leave him, but for someone like Alison who desperately wants and needs a connection, the game he plays with her is one she may not recover from, which is why I had a difficult time warming up to Liam throughout much of their story. He royally messes up, and while he’s not the only one sending mixed signals and making mistakes, he is in control of his actions and he’s an abrasive asshole when it comes to how he handles Alison, and I had a hard time seeing past that behavior.

“If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way.”

This is the true lesson of Ignite…and the path one takes to accomplish those goals is definitely not going to be a straight shot, and perhaps if I can remember that and understand that it’s a process with ups and downs, I can get over Liam’s shitty actions and see that in the end, he made the best move possible as a fighter…as a friend…as a lover.

3.5 Poison Apples


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