REVIEW: TEMPORARY by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry

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The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen is the one who can ruin everything…

The first time I lay eyes on Callan Walker, I know he’ll be trouble. With his smug grin, hot Aussie accent and thousand dollar shoes, he’s just the kind of rich guy who always gets what he wants.

And he wants two things: a night of sin, and my cooperation as he outmaneuvers his powerful mother to take control of his uncle’s estate.

I can’t afford either one. I’m the only thing standing between my little sister and the foster care system. He may have money and charm on his side, but I have something even more powerful — pure desperation. This temp job at his mother’s company can become a full time job for me. It has to.

But when Callan’s eyes rake over my body, sometimes I forget my obligations. His piercing gaze finds the fun, optimistic girl I used to be and not the tired person I’ve become.

And it works–if only for a moment. Our night together was a mistake. I can’t afford to get sucked into his high-powered family’s treachery. But the closer I get to Callan, the more layers I find beneath those expensive clothes. Though I can’t forget this is temporary. He’s temporary. I have too much to lose.

Too bad my foolish heart didn’t get the memo…


It’s amazing how much the human heart can endure and still remain beating…still remain a guiding force in lives filled with chaos, difficulties, and heartbreak. Callan and Grace, the hero and heroine in Temporary, a story co-written by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry, are no strangers to situations and people who wear and tear at their hearts, creating broken pieces that they might be able to repair, but they’ll never fit as perfectly as the whole parts did before because irreparable damage can never be completely mended.

But despite their harried pasts, Callan and Grace find common ground due to what they’ve both survived and while they don’t want to risk their hearts again by putting their faith in another person just for him/her to let them down, the bond that Callan and Grace form, after some rather unfriendly first encounters, force them to risk their heart yet again, hoping this time, it doesn’t shatter for good.

Because Temporary is told through both Callan and Grace’s perspectives, readers are able to understand how complicated and difficult their lives have truly been and why they both have bigger worries than not getting along with the person they need to work closely with for a short amount of time. Bowen and Mayberry made the right choice in telling the story through the eyes and mouths of both characters; without the dual point of view, I feel like it would have taken me quite a bit of time to warm-up to Callan and his outward personality, especially when dealing with Grace. But because Callan tells his own story, readers see all of him, which makes it much easier to accept why he acts like he does without wanting to punch him for his attitude.

Grace is one hell of a woman of strength and compassion. Her relationship with her sister is just as important to Temporary’s storyline as Callan and Grace’s burgeoning connection. Grace has sacrificed so much to be there for her sister, protecting and caring for her despite the struggle it is financially to do so.

There’s a depth to Callan that Bowen and Mayberry slowly unveil as the story progresses and everything that is learned illustrates a complex and intriguing hero – one who is more than enough for the heroine – because he understands how amazing Grace is and stops at nothing to help her accomplish everything she needs to feel secure in her life and everything she deserves simply because there’s nothing she won’t do for the people she loves, which is exactly where Callan wants to be by the end of their story.

I’ll admit that it took some time for me to get into the story; I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to stories that draw me in with their fast paced story line or if I just needed some time to understand how Callan and Grace could help each other do more than simply exist due to the hands they were dealt because of the people who raised them and ultimately treated them like crap. But despite the beginning, every other part of the story flowed well for me and the chapters and perspectives seamlessly blended, which means that the writing team Bowen and Mayberry formed knew exactly how to smoothly transition in their writing and storytelling, which is a key component to a successfully co-written text.

4 Poison Apples

About the Authors

Sarina Bowen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Vermont’s Green Mountains with her family, six chickens and too much ski gear and hockey equipment.


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