They say you’re never truly ready for Death until it’s staring you down, its cold, bony fingers outstretched and scratching against your fragile mortality.

I thought I was ready the day my own mother tried to kill me. Perhaps I was ready the moment I was born.

But as I peer into the chilling void of Death, breath shallow and heartbeat sluggish, I know that it can’t end like this. I was made for a purpose.

And that purpose is Legion.

Now that we’re fighting the battle of our lives, a war that could eliminate mankind, I see that purpose as clear as the whorls of dark ink etched in his skin.

Realms are colliding. Alliances are forming. And my heart is being torn in two.

I know the code the Se7en live by.

Kill one to save a million.

But maybe it’s not me who was meant to die.

Maybe it’s the man I thought I could save…the man who once saved me.

The man I was created to kill.

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Wicked Ruin appears to be a redundant phrase – one that seems impossible to truly create because there’s nothing more disastrous than complete decay and disrepair, but in Jennings’ world, that’s exactly what occurs, and with every evil, sinful, immoral, and debased act that runs rampant in this destructive setting, readers revel in Jennings’ profound ability to give us seemingly irredeemable characters…ones so complex that it’s never truly clear which ones fight for good and justice and which ones look to manipulate and corrupt for their own advancement and personal gains.

I have been obsessed with S.L. Jennings’ Sinners since she introduced readers to them in Born Sinner, and while I’ve always been behind Legion and Eden making it through the apocalypse and any other cataclysmic events Jennings throws in their way, there’s just something about Lucifer and his anti-hero demeanor that makes me want Eden to get just a bit wicked with him, but as the third installment in the series showcases, everyone and everything goes way beyond a small amount of

iniquitous acts and the fallout from choices and certain ones’ destinies only leads readers to one haphazard realization – whatever ends up happening after the numerous power plays, twisted turn of events, and uncharacteristic but not unsurprising actions from characters who readers have grown to love and hate is going to send us all reeling and attempting to recover when Jennings takes us even further down a one hell of a dark and deadly rabbit’s hole.

No one creates paranormal worlds and characters like S.L. Jennings, and the fact that one of my favorite Jennings’ characters makes even more cameos in Wicked Ruin speaks to how in touch she is with giving her readers the perfect combination of wickedly delicious other worldly beings, dangerously dark situations, and heroes and heroines who are equal parts angels and devils, which means that either side has the ability to win.

Bring on the fourth installment!

4.5 Poison Apples

Buy the first two installments!

Both books are also available in Kindle Unlimited!



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