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At Twin Oaks Country Club, there are the fortunate ones, and then there are the rest of us: the waiters, the caddies, the valets, and in my case, the cabana girls. Most days, I’m poolside in a pleated skirt, dishing out margaritas to tycoons and titans. It’s not exactly my dream job, but it does come with one perk…

James Ashwood.

He’s my silver lining in a custom black suit.

Besides being a legacy member at the club, he’s a tech mogul and Austin’s most eligible bachelor. Oh, and those dimples? Yeah, they make my stomach dip too.

On good days, I catch his sleek Porsche winding down the tree-lined drive. On better days, I steal a glimpse of his handsome profile as we pass in the hall. And on the absolute best day, I find him alone at the bar, looking for company.

“Come have a seat.”

Those four little words set me down a path I never could have imagined. Private planes, penthouse suites, and temptations around every corner make it impossible to keep my distance. His world feels decadent and wild—but overindulgence comes with a cost. Every kiss comes with strings. Every erotic encounter is a promise I’m not ready to keep.

When I pump the brakes, he hits the gas. James doesn’t want to go slow—he wants a commitment.

And the thing about the fortunate ones?

They’re used to getting what they want.

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I love romantic comedies…there’s just something about escaping inside of a book that is rich in sarcastic comments, funny one-liners, and hilarious antics that I find soothing for my snarky soul, and R.S. Grey’s stories are some of my favorite when it comes to laugh out loud dialogue and comical situations.

I was intrigued with Brooke and James’ story from the very beginning, partly because Brooke is definitely my kind of sassy and independent heroine but also because the title’s play on words is right in my English teacher wheelhouse. The idea that those individuals who are legacy members of Twin Oaks are in some way classified as ‘fortunate’ when most of them seem to be nothing but rich snobs underserving of their extravagant lifestyle is what intrigues me the most about the setting of the story and the secondary characters who seem to repeatedly squabble about their supposed ‘misfortunes’ when it comes to not obtaining everything their heart desires.

The country club members’ fascination and obsession with James Ashwood is a plot point that drives the story, and the fact that, at least at the start, Brooke doesn’t give James the same kind of attention, even if she finds him intriguing, which makes the push and pull between them that much more realistic because it’s going to take more than an attraction to make Brooke reassess her plans and take on someone as aloof as James seems to be.

I have to admit that, at first, I didn’t know how R.S. Grey was going to bring Brooke and James together because they both had such clear ideas about what they wanted their lives to be like and I didn’t think they could be swayed by a gorgeous face or great chemistry…but that’s where great character development and relationship building does its job to persuade and I was definitely sold by the time these two driven characters allowed their feelings for one another to be a guiding principle for their future decisions.

Because The Fortunate Ones is told strictly through Brooke’s perspective, I did feel a bit disconnected from understanding who James truly is at his core. Throughout the text, readers are provided with other people’s opinions of him and the type of man he is, but we don’t really see him through his own eyes, even with the dialogue that he does say. James is definitely a complex man – one who has a clear vision for his life, and I guess I just wanted a bit more insight into everything that makes him, him.

I find it so easy to lose myself in R.S. Grey’s worlds and the words she uses to craft them. The way in which Grey shows readers who the main characters are through their internal and external musings as well as their actions allows readers to truly understand all that is involved in every decision made and perspective gained, and while each story is meant to be a romantic comedy, it also has heart…maybe even a bit of grit to it that illustrates Grey’s ability to capture snapshots of life and all the highs and lows that come with them.

4.5 Poison Apples

Get a Sneak Peek of THE FORTUNATE ONES

“I missed you today,” he says, his heated gaze lingering on my body.

I step back, and he follows.

He looks like he’s cornering his prey.

“Apparently not enough to make it to dinner,” I point out icily.

“I called the restaurant and told them I’d be late. Didn’t they tell you?”

I cross my arms and glance away.

“Brooke.” He steps closer and gently lifts my chin, forcing me to look back at him. “Fight with me tomorrow.”

I narrow my eyes, angry with him for shelving this discussion so casually. To him, it doesn’t matter that I sat in that restaurant alone, looking like a fool for nearly two hours. He’s brushing off my anger, stepping closer and forcing his way past my defenses.

“I think I’d like to talk about it now.”

I catch the beginning of a smirk just before he leans in to kiss my cheek.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything you’d rather be doing right now?”

He uncrosses my arms and brings them up over his shoulders then steps closer, towering over me. My arms tighten around his neck, but still, I turn away, keeping my mouth from him. His breath hits my neck and he pulls me taut against his hard body, growing more impatient with every moment I try to resist.

“Brooke,” he whispers huskily.

My eyes flutter closed as he bends and presses a kiss to my cheek, my chin, then lower, tipping my head back so he can reach the smooth recess at the nape of my neck. I shiver and he groans, obviously aware of what his touch is doing to me.

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