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Title: The Bitterroot Inn

Author: Devney Perry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Bitterroot Inn

Her past. His secrets. They have more in common than she knows.

Maisy is happily content with the life she’s built for herself and her young son in small-town Prescott, Montana. Her child is thriving, her business is growing, and her family is as close as they’ve ever been. But when a handsome stranger walks into the lobby of her motel, her simple life is swept up in a wave of affection for his gentle heart. None of those feelings can be trusted, though. She made that mistake before with another man. The man she murdered.

Hunter was a different man when he first saw Maisy Holt from afar. He took one look at her and ran in the opposite direction. But years later, he’s back in Montana and unable to keep his distance. He shouldn’t have tried to find her but he never was good at rejecting temptation. The promise of the good she could bring into his life is too hard to resist. Maybe if he can disguise the lies and hide the deceit, he can keep her from learning the truth. Because his only chance at a future with her is by burying his past.

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Hunter Faraday has made it his mission to protect Maisy Holt since he understood the type of woman/person she was from one overheard conversation, and even though he’s supposed to keep his distance, like he did three and a half years ago,  he’s drawn to her beauty, her warmth, and her strength in a way that prevents him from not making her and her son, Coby, a part of his life…perhaps even the main focus.

But Hunter is a man of mystery and he feels his secrets are best left buried until he can prove to Maisy just how good things can be between them, and while Hunter’s one word answers and brush-off responses leave Maisy confused and a bit scared due to what happened with Everett and the secret life he led, Maisy can’t help but want to put an end to her loneliness and feel strong enough to open her heart again; this time to a man who seems to adore her and her son and who makes her yearn for a relationship and a life that she never thought possible after the hell she endured at the hands of a man she once loved.

Maisy is an extraordinary woman who has kept a positive attitude and an open mind despite the difficulties she has faced. There aren’t many women who could keep moving forward after what she went through at the hands of a monster and while she’s still dealing with the aftermath of an horrific situation, she never lets her son see her struggles and she makes sure that her anxieties, her fears, and her stressors do not control her every aspect of her life because letting a psychotic man take any more of her life away from her is unacceptable.

It was clear from the start that there was a reason as to why Hunter felt he needed to protect a woman he didn’t know and hadn’t ever talked to before, and as the story continued, my need to understand his connection to Maisy as well as why he refuses to divulge his past even if it means that he’ll lose the two people who have come to mean everything to him only intensified.

Hunter is a tough hero to truly figure out. There’s a reason for every one of his actions, but getting to the point where he voices those motives is a bit frustrating for everyone involved, especially Maisy, and even though he and Maisy form a pretty solid connection, starting off slowly and then progressing to something that they are both desperate for, I was always waiting for the aftermath of the revelations that he was so desperate to keep hidden until he felt it was the right time because whatever that information was, I knew it had the chance to destroy absolutely everything between Hunter and Maisy.

The way that Devney Perry lays the groundwork for the big reveal keeps readers invested every step of the way, allowing us to construct our own theories and see how close we are to the truth, and while Hunter’s ties to Maisy are deeper than I thought, once all of Hunter’s secrets are revealed and the fallout occurs, it’s interesting to look back and see the ways in which Perry set Hunter and Maisy on a path that only led them in one direction with the ultimate goal being a partnership that allowed them both to truly live in the present instead of constantly dealing with the past.

But the road Hunter and Maisy take to get to a place that ultimately provides them with everything they’ve always wanted is one filled with life-altering secrets, torturous nightmares, and deep-rooted fears that are difficult to see past and when Perry adds more chaos and difficulties to an already precarious situation, there’s no telling how the characters are going to react or have to deal with until everything plays out and let me tell you, there’s definitely a lot to sort through by the time Maisy knows everything there is to know about Hunter Faraday.

It’s truly been a pleasure to visit Devney Perry’s small Montana town; each story used the setting as a character in its plot line and it provided Perry and her characters with limitless possibilities. Perry’s Jamison Valley series may have reached its conclusion, forcing readers to say goodbye to characters and a place that they’ve grown to love, but it’s also allowed us to start a new adventure with Perry and to be introduced to a new cast of characters and a new location that I’m sure will be every bit as intriguing and complex as the series that allowed readers to see what a gift Perry has for story telling and just how enjoyable it is to enter her world and become an honorary member of it.

4.5 Poison Apples

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Devney lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories.

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