Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend: 5 Reasons Why This Romance Reader ADORES Anti-Hero Lachlan Mount from Meghan March’s Mount Trilogy

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Anti-Heroes – the Ultimate Alpha Males…

Those arrogant, stubborn, rebellious, and badass bastards that romance readers can’t help but love to hate and by the time their stories’ end, we can’t help but root for and hope they find their way out of the darkness and into the light…at least enough of it in order to claim their queen!

Lachlan Mount from Meghan March’s Mount Trilogy is my book boyfriend!

My choice for favorite book boyfriend may be a bit unconventional, but I can’t help but ADORE EVERYTHING about the King of New Orleans!★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

Check out my #BookTwin’s Thoughts About Lachlan Mount:

(Sarah from Musings of the Modern Belle)

Mount, the man no one talks about, the man no one one wants to meet is the anti-hero of my dreams!! The more depraved, the more dangerous the better for me, and Mount fits this to a tee!! It is what makes him alluring and irresistible. This man commands power with no words, his presence alone emits danger, and others sense it and fold to his desires and wishes. How HOT is that?? On top of all of that, this man exudes sex, and there is no question as to what he could do to your body if you let him command it. Of course, we get to see a slightly different version to him when he is alone with Keira, but it is a small change in his behavior. He doesn’t want to force her, he wants her to submit freely and willingly. Yes, he plays with her, arouses her, demands things of her, but he never forces her, and this taps into female desire to be seduced and owned sexually. The moments with Keira and the moments with his minions also serves to show how severe he is in business and how much softer he is with Keria, both sides making him completely and totally captivating . You feel like he is a lion drawing you into his den, and you don’t care that he will devour you because it will be that good.


Here are FIVE Reasons that Lachlan Mount is YOUR NEXT BOOK BOYFRIEND!

1. Self-Made Man

There’s nothing like a man who pulls himself out of the depths of hell and works his body and mind to the bone in order to make a name for himself despite those who told him he wouldn’t amount to anything, and boy does Mount prove the naysayers wrong. Everything he’s acquired, he’s earned on his own with determination and grit, so at the end of the day, Mount can be proud of his life because even if he’s on the wrong side of the law, he’s done it on his terms.

Quotes from the Trilogy that illustrate this Characteristic

“Being a street kid in New Orleans wasn’t for no weak-ass punks. The dark side of this town would chew you up and spit you out faster than you could spell body bag.” ~Sinful Empire

“What would it be like to command that kind of respect?” ~Sinful Empire

“When you hold power like I do, you know details are the difference between life and death.” ~Sinful Empire

“I’ve walked through the shitstorm life threw at me, and I’m beginning to believe she’s the reason.” ~Sinful Empire

“I became the weed that grows between the sidewalk cracks and refuses to die. I clawed my way up the ladder…” ~Defiant Queen

“Lachlan Mount sounded like a man who demanded power, and I was fifteen when I chose it.” ~Defiant Queen

2. Man in the Shadows

Mount Lachlan owns his darkness, and he revels in being in the shadows because that’s where he does his best work, keeping his enemies guessing and striking at the perfect moments, regardless of the risk. He’s been called many names due to his ability to move swiftly without a trace, and while he would probably say he feels most at home in the shelter of obscurity, he’ll soon find that a middle ground is necessary to be with the woman who lights up his world.

Quotes from the Trilogy that illustrate this Characteristic

“Maybe that’s where we belong. Not in the shadows. Not in the light. But somewhere completely unique to us.” ~Sinful Empire

“The majority of my life is lived in the shadows. People whisper my name, as if afraid saying it out loud will bring me to their doorstep.” ~Defiant Queen

“There’s no way I want to be in the dark with this voice. He’s not a ghost. He’s worse. He’s the frigging boogeyman, whispered about in the shadows but never mentioned in polite company, almost as if saying his name will make him appear.” ~Ruthless King

“It’s like he doesn’t exist. Like he truly is the myth and legend I thought he was…” ~Ruthless King

3. Ruthless Tyrant

The only way that Mount can ensure his kingdom remains his is by ruling with an iron fist, bullying to get his way and holding dominion over all those below him and those who look to rise above him. He’s brutal…he’s cutthroat…he’s everything a King should be when he deals in blood, drugs, and retribution.

Quotes from the Trilogy that illustrate this Characteristic

‘Even the devil would send him right back.’ ~Sinful Empire

“But I’m Lachlan fucking Mount, and I make the rules and can change them anytime I want.” ~Sinful Empire

“Lachlan Mount isn’t just ruthless–he’s a study in perseverance.” ~Sinful Empire

“It’s time to collect what I’m owed.” ~Ruthless King

“Lachlan Mount is not someone you fuck with.” ~Ruthless King

“Nothing happens in this city without his say-so.” ~Ruthless King

“I’m ruthless, not arrogant, and you’re about to learn the difference.” ~Ruthless King

4. Unremorseful Sinner

Mount owns the fact that he is not a virtuous man…how could he be with the life that he was born into and forced to endure. Every decision of his childhood was taken out of his hands, so when he finally had the power to pave his own way, he knew getting what he needed and wanted would not happen without breaking laws and completing tasks that would make him a sinner, but when you’re born into squalor, you’ll do anything you can to get out of the filth, which is exactly what Mount did by any means necessary.

Quotes from the Trilogy that illustrate this Characteristic

“I’m a selfish man. I know myself well enough to accept it. I take, and take, and take.” ~Sinful Empire

“I’ve gambled and won fortunes time and again, amassed money until it no longer has any meaning except for the power it allows me to wield.” ~Defiant Queen

“When you’ve got as much power as Mount, that much charisma, that much presence, it does things to people.” ~Ruthless King

5. Tarnished Knight

He may not seem very knightly but that’s just because his crown remains hidden and scuffed up. He’s a champion for those who have no voice, and even though there’s nothing pure about him or his deeds, by the end of the trilogy, it’s clear that he’s not completely the devilish fiend he’s been deemed, but few people know this, which is exactly how Mount wants it to remain because the role he plays and the facade he maintains allow him to complete control over his dominion.

Quotes from the Trilogy that illustrate this Characteristic

“Her debt will only be paid one way – with her heart.” ~Sinful Empire

Check out my 5 Poison Apples Reviews for ALL THREE BOOKS IN THE TRILOGY!

***All Teasers Created by Sarah from Musings of the Modern Belle***

Ruthless King Review

Lachlan Mount is one fan-fucking-tastic anti-hero, and he doesn’t give two shits if no one likes him, whether it be someone in the city he owns or a reader who just can’t understand why Meghan March would create such an arrogant bastard, and let me tell you, he is EVERY BIT the devilish scoundrel that March portrays him as…so much so that by the end of Ruthless King, it’s clear that Lachlan Mount doesn’t just epitomize every single anti-hero characteristic that has ever been created but he seems to also redefine the term as well, illustrating just how larger than life this boogeyman, man in the shadows, and the king of New Orleans seems to be.

And, what intrigues me most about Mount, besides my ever-present need to understand the reasons he changed his playbook and claims Kiera in trade for the debt her asshole ex created, is the fact that Mount only shows people what he wants them to see, so while there’s a multitude of speculation and myths centering around who he is and what his agenda is, no one, including maybe the man himself, will ever truly unravel all that makes up this demanding and controlling man…at least not when there are two more weeks to expose and explore the many layers of this dynamically diabolical alpha male.

Keira Kilgore didn’t stand a chance when Mount set his sights on her, and while she tries her damnedest to hold on to her pride and her defiant attitude in the face of adversity, her body can only take so many seductively dirty words and manipulations, proving her best friend, Magnolia, correct when she told Keira that her mind and her body would be at war with one another, and as much as she may not want to admit it, the battle has only just begun and with her body submitting so easily to Mount’s commands, keeping her head in the game and standing strong against him may be more impossible than she thinks.

But, while Keira does find herself succumbing to Mount’s sinful ways, she still remains in control of her family’s distillery and maintains her snarky independent attitude, proving just how strong of a woman she is and surprising Mount with every combative comment and overwhelming refusal to do his bidding, which is exactly the kind of woman it will take to prove herself to this callous king and perhaps be offered to rule his kingdom by his side.

I knew with how much early praise Meghan March’s new alpha/new series were getting that I was in for one hell of a story and two kickass main characters, but Ruthless King exceeded any and all expectations I had!!! It’s brilliantly written, in part, because March allows Mount to be exactly the man he is, not sugarcoating any facet of what makes him the diabolical ruler of New Orleans and not making Keira fight so much when it’s clear that her body wants everything that Mount has to offer.

The ending of book 1 perfectly sets up the added conflict that will take place in Defiant Queen, and while I was left with a multitude of questions that I have to wait to have answered, I trust Meghan March to lead her characters and her readers down the path they’re supposed to travel because it’s clear that Mount is driving this story line and will continue to do so as long as he’s owed what he’s owed and from my perspective Mount thinks he’ll own Keira indefinitely regardless of what she or anyone else has to say about it. And part of me believes that Mount owning Keira is the best thing that could have happened to her, but I’ll have to wait and for the other two books in the series before I make my final assessment.

5 Poison Apples

Defiant Queen Review

From the start, Lachlan Mount and Keira Kilgore’s interactions have been all about the long game for Mount, focusing on anything that will give them the advantage…anything that will bring her to her knees…anything that will make her head admit what her body seems to already know. Mount has been cold, precise, and calculated in his moves to claim Keira…to make her indebted to him for more than just saving her business. But his self-imposed patience is running out where Keira’s concerned because she’s slipping out of the box Mount put her in, becoming more than he can handle…more than one of his shiny new toys to play with and manipulate. Every time she pushes back…every time she challenges him…every time she defies him, Keira becomes someone Mount respects…someone he thinks might be able to stand by his side and help rule his empire, but that’s only if he doesn’t break her because he’s certainly bent her in life changing ways…ways that may illustrate just how much her body craves submission, but it also forces her to give away small pieces of her identity and she’s afraid before Mount’s game is over, she’ll lose herself completely, making this Defiant Queen into just another subject that Mount controls.

But it seems like the rules and moves are in transition when book two of the Mount Trilogy begins; the strategies that have been used thus far don’t seem to be working and patience is also running thin on both sides. Every time Mount pushes Keira, she pushes back, which makes it a repetitive cycle of taunt, rebel, and tame, turning this game-like relationship into something that perhaps Mount’s competitors and enemies can exploit.

What’s also clear, though, is that what’s between Mount and Keira is no longer what Mount intended it to be; everything with Keira is different – his reactions, his intentions, his focus. She’s the exception to every one of his rules, but she’s also breaking her own rules because her control over her body is nonexistent because he has the ability to get her off in a multitude of ways even when her mind works to shut it down.

Survive then thrive…that’s how Lachlan Mount has lived his life since he was cast aside in his own filth, and up until this point, he’s managed to use everything at his disposal to maintain his status as the ruler of New Orleans, but it’s slowly becoming clear that what’s happening between him and Keira is something that he can’t manipulate as easily as everything else, so either he has to make it known that Keira’s his equal in every sense of the word or give her up because what’s also clear is that she can become a pawn in this power struggle, resulting in a shitstorm of epic proportions.

Mount’s little Irish hellion has definitely come into her own in Defiant Queen. Yes, she still feels like a prisoner and the amount of debt she needs to ‘work off’ never wanes from her mind, but she has occasionally gained the upper hand in their push/pull relationship, and Mount has gone out of his way to connect more emotionally with Keira instead of just taking what he wants physically from her, which has definitely made headway into changing her opinion of him and seeing him as Lachlan as opposed to the manipulative bastard that she’s always casted him to be.

I have no clue what readers are in store for when the final book in the trilogy is released, but I can say I’m super pumped to find out how Meghan March resolves all the story lines that are still being manipulated after Defiant Queen and what the King will do to claim his Queen forever.

5 Poison Apples

Sinful Empire Review

‘A King has the most value, but with a Queen, he’s a hell of a lot less powerful. Together they have the best chance of victory.’

Lachlan Mount is a self-made man…a ruthless one who rose from the depths of his dubious beginnings and became a heavy hitter in the devious underbelly of New Orleans, and now, he owns the town and everyone and everything in it. He’s made calculated risks and became darker and more devilish than Satan himself, ruling his kingdom with an iron fist and playing by his own set of rules.

And now, he’s found his queen – the one woman whose light is not shadowed by his darkness…whose fiery attitude allows her to hold dominion over her king and prove to him and to herself that she’s so much more than payment for a debt…an addiction to sate…a prisoner to bend…because, Keira Kilgore has been Mount’s defiant queen from day one, and he doesn’t give two shits who knows it because he’ll burn the mother fucking city down to the ground for the person who brings light to his darkened world…who seems to be his reward for the way he rose above his shit existence and did what needed to be done…who is without a doubt ‘the most powerful piece on the whole fucking board.’

The ruthless man readers met in book 1 transforms into a ruler who understands the value of his queen…who clearly recognizes that power comes with certain responsibilities and while Lachlan Mount is still a tyrannical leader, in some ways, he knows that he can’t show fear…that he can’t allow friends or enemies to believe they truly know the man beneath the mask. There are few people in his life who know Lachlan; Mount is who they see and recognize through every bold decision and vicious act, and while he understands that shifts in power are inevitable, he will never allow ANYONE to be his downfall, which means that he will always be two steps ahead of everyone else, striking before they can grasp their inevitable demise.

Keira Kilgore is a dynamic queen who doesn’t truly understand the power she wields over her king as their relationship progresses. She’s graceful and determined, and she has the uncanny ability to see the boy Mount was and the man he became in a new light just by listening to him and contemplating the steps he took to gain control over a place like New Orleans. She lights up his world, but he does the same for hers and even though he’s ruthless and demanding, once they figure out how to rule as one, there is no one capable or worthy enough to make them fall.

The Mount trilogy has been one hell of a ride! Meghan March crafted a series with grit and heart, and as each book in the trilogy was released, the anti-hero she created became an evolved alpha male – one who viewed life differently the deeper he got with his queen…one whose actions made more sense as Keira forced him to see his true motives, and even though Lachlan Mount is no saint, as an unremorseful sinner, there are reasons behind each vindictive action he takes, and the best move he could make was forcing her to pay off her debt with her body first and then eventually her heart and her soul, which by then, she seemed to gladly hand over to her king.

Meghan March’s Mount Trilogy is, without a doubt, one of my top series of 2017. The way Mount and Keira’s story plays out within the three books allows readers to witness both characters’ transformation as well as the development of who Lachlan truly seems to be once Keira breaks down his hardened exterior and he acknowledges that she is more than a pawn or a repayment of her debt…she is his EVERYTHING!

I can’t praise this series enough and what I love most is that I’ve been with Meghan March pretty much from her first book and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of her growth, her successes, and her storytelling!

5+ Poison Apples

Ruthless King:
Defiant Queen:
Sinful Empire:

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