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My brother’s best friend is a sex god, and it’s time to even the score…

Austin James was always my #1 crush – and off-limits – until a college hook-up showed me he was every bit the playboy his rock-star reputation promised. Now, he’s back after a mysterious break from the spotlight, offering an exclusive profile that could make any journalist’s career.

And he picks me.

Two weeks to land the scoop of a lifetime? I’m not about to let a little unresolved sexual tension stand between me and my big break.

OK, a *lot* of sexual tension.

Can I figure out Austin’s secrets – before they break my heart? And will this off-limits romance find a way to become something real?

Find out in another hot romance from Katie McCoy!

All-Stars Series of standalones ft. alpha men and smart, sassy women:

1. Royal Player

2. Hot Bachelor

3. Heartthrob

4. Sex God


The Austin James that Mia Stevens remembers is the typical rock god; one that revels in the money, the fame, and most importantly, the women, but now that he’s trying to make it as a solo artist, he’s attempting to prove that he’s ONLY about the music, which is easier said than done when the media wants to typecast him as the same old rockstar, but this is where Austin needs a certain stubborn and driven journalist to help him prove to the world who he is beyond the bad boy rockstar that the world sees him as.

There’s a bit of history between Austin and Mia, not only is he Mia’s brother’s best friend, but Austin and Mia shared one kiss 8 years ago that left Mia wanting more with a man who’s known as a one and done guy for a reason.

There’s definitely a lot of push and pull between Austin and Mia as soon as they reconnect and while their time together is supposed to be strictly professional, it’s clear that they’re still sexually attracted to each other and feel a connection that has never been there with anyone else.

With both Austin and Mia’s careers at stake, a bevy of secrets to bring into the light, as well as the forbidden aspect of any kind of romantic relationship between them due to a certain big brother, it’s unclear what will become of the sexual tension that constantly surrounds them, but one thing is for sure, the journey of the sex god rockstar and the sweet and sassy journalist will be a mixture of sweet, steam, and a little bit of angst.

Secondary characters are always an integral part of any romantic comedy, and Katie McCoy creates quite the supporting cast, in Sex God, friends/family who try to keep the main characters level headed as well as help them see the error of their ways, giving them the subtle nudges they need and certain moments of enlightenment that the hero and heroine can’t seem to get to on their own.

Sex God is another comical and sexy book in Katie McCoy’s All-Stars series; it’s a quick and entertaining read that will having readers shaking their heads, laughing out loud, and getting a bit hot under the collar…if you know what I mean;)

4 Poison Apples


Author Bio
Katie McCoy is a self-proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical.
A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn’t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.
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