#WhoRunTheWorld: Meet Your Next Heroine and Two Giveaways: Jaxxon Carter from From Rags by Suzanne Wright



There has only been three people in Jaxxon Carter’s life who truly mattered to her. Her mum, who committed suicide. Her sister, who she hasn’t seen since her teens. And Connor McKenzie, who disappeared from her life the same day he left their foster home. The hardest part of that was that he never completely left her life because she was forever seeing him on T.V. or in magazines as a Formula One Driver. But Jaxxon refuses to live a ‘woe is me’ life, even in spite of living alone in her one-roomed flat and being expected to survive on a ridiculously low income. Then one night she is offered a modelling job and before she knows it she has been catapulted to the peak of success, gaining fame, fortune and security. Oh and a stalker.

Connor McKenzie is busy trying to shake off his crazy ex-girlfriend – another woman who thought she could get around his no marriage rule – when he sees Jaxxon on the cover of a magazine. Remembering how close they had once been, he’s shocked when she doesn’t respond to his attempts to contact her and then acts indifferently to him when they meet. But Connor can’t let it go. The only reason he had kept his hands off her ten years ago was that she had been younger than him. Now that they’re adults, he isn’t prepared to allow anything – not even Jaxxon – to stop him from having her.

Warning: This novel contains a bitchy female who curses like a sailor, a persistent alpha male who doesn’t understand the word ‘no’, and explicit hot sex in some very public places.

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The reason I went all the way back to a 2012 release is because, to me, Jaxxon Carter, from Suzanne Wright’s From Rags, epitomizes the type of woman who should run this world!

And it has NOTHING to do with the fact that she can rock a kickass outfit and a high pair of stilettos; it’s because of how she doesn’t let her past define her…she doesn’t dwell on the horrible conditions she grew up in and the innocence that was taken from her because of it.

Check out the FIVE REASONS why Jaxxon Carter is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE HEROINES of ALL TIME!

Reason One: Her Gritty Edge

There’s a gritty edge to Ms. Carter that was established long ago when she figured out that no one else was going to look out for her other than herself, so since that realization, she’s lived her life her way, and even though it wasn’t all that glamorous until

‘…a crap upbringing doesn’t make someone weak, it makes them strong or how else could they get through it? I’ve never liked that people seem to think that anyone who’s been brought up in care are destined to lead a life of poverty and crime. It’s postcode lottery.’

Reason Two: She Doesn’t Mince Words

There’s an intensity to Jaxxon Carter that resonates from every part of her body, but more directly from her eyes – all of her emotions come from her eyes – a ‘feral gleam’ if you will that shows others exactly what she thinks about their comments or their actions.

Doesn’t mince words – she’s crass and profane, but she’ll always give people honest because she grew up surrounded by too many lies to not tell the truth. Her bluntness may take some time for others to get used to, but once they realize that it’s not meant to hurt their feelings or harm them, people realize that the very fact that she is ‘real’ with them is what attracts them to her.

‘Here’s something for you to remember; you might have been born into money, but you came out of a vagina the same as everyone else. Popping out of one that’s rich doesn’t make you anything but lucky, or susceptible to being stuck up your own arse. Whichever.’

Reason Three: She refuses the ‘woe is me’ life

There’s no denying that Jaxxon Carter was given a shit hand growing up. Being in foster care and having a sister who wanted nothing to do with her because Leah was jealous of Jaxxon didn’t help matters either, but Jaxxon still pushed forward, protecting herself the best she could and keeping herself fed and clothed even when it seemed impossible.

‘Oh no,’ Jaxxon quickly objected as she heard the reference to Cinderella. ‘If you were hoping to find that despite my background I’m some kind of lovely young lady who birds tweet at, prepare to be disappointed. I’m a moody cow and I know it. This isn’t a Cinderella story, this is more like Harry Potter and the Gob of Ire.’

Reason Four: She doesn’t need a man to define her or to make her life worth living – she lives for herself!

Even though Connor McKenzie held Jaxxon’s heart since they were young, she refused to allow her feelings for him to determine/run her life, especially when she knew that Connor couldn’t give her anything more than amazing sex, at least she knew that’s what he thought anyway. She made a damn fine life without him and she would continue to do so after they ended their time together, and regardless of how much her heart hurt to walkway, she did because she would never allow her life to be dictated by a man and his cock, even if it was a fabulous one;)

Reason Five: She sees financial security as the biggest plus of her new life

When Richie found Jaxxon at the bar and gave her his card and a new opportunity, she definitely didn’t think her life would change as drastically as it did, and while the posh life takes some getting used to, Jaxxon loves the fact that she no longer has to worry about money or living in a dumpy apartment that is barely functional. She could care less about the fame, the extravagant parties, or the adoration; what makes Jaxxon able to put up with the shitshow that this kind of life seems to bring with it is the fact that she can take care of herself and then some.

‘What did Jaxxon like the most about this new life? Not the attention or the fancy car or the designer clothes or the constant mingling with celebs. It was the financial security; the fact that she didn’t have to fret every day about whether she’d make her rent money for afford food to last the week. What’s more, not only did she feel as though she was finally in control of the direction her life was taking, but her life was actually taking a direction instead of her just plodding along.’


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About the Author

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something, whether it was stories, poems, or even songs – though I can’t carry a tune. I only have one rule when I’m writing a book which is that it has to have a happy ending. Other than that, pretty much anything goes. I write stories that I would enjoy reading and then I just hope that others will enjoy them too.

I was born and raised in England where I live with my husband (a person who doesn’t judge me for hearing voices in my head – how often do you come across people like that?), and my two demanding children.



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5 responses to “#WhoRunTheWorld: Meet Your Next Heroine and Two Giveaways: Jaxxon Carter from From Rags by Suzanne Wright

  1. Beware Of The Reader

    Wonderful reasons for a wonderful heroine Rebecca!!!

  2. Completely agree with you. Especially reason #4. I loved Jaxxon. This was a great book!

  3. Veronika

    This sounds awesome! I love a heroine who doesn’t need a hero to stand on her own

  4. Bube

    Love Suzanne Wright books!

  5. Thank you for the chance. I love S.W. books.

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