RELEASE DAY LAUNCH AND REVIEWS: 1001 Dark Nights Discovery Bundle

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the newest 1001 Dark Nights bundle!

Introducing Discovery Author Sidney Bristol, the Bundle contains 5 novellas, including novellas from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Larissa Ione, Lexi Blake, Rebecca Zanetti, and J. Kenner!

Grab your copy of this incredible bundle today!

About 1001 Dark Nights Bundle

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Larissa Ione, Lexi Blake, Rebecca Zanetti, J. Kenner, and introducing Sidney Bristol.

Five Dark Tales. Five Sensual Stories. Five Page Turners.

RAZR: A Demonica Novella by Larissa Ione

Meet mortal enemies Razr and Jedda…and the priceless diamond that threatens to destroy them both even as it bonds them together with sizzling passion. Welcome back to the Demonica Underworld, where enemies find love…if they’re strong enough to survive.

ARRANGED: A Masters and Mercenaries Novellaby Lexi Blake

As Loa Mali’s sovereign, KashKamdar is always in control, the final authority. Until his mother uses an ancient law to force her son into marriage. His prospective queen,Dayita Samar, is a buttoned-up intellectual, nothing like Kash’s usual party girl. Still, from the moment of their forced engagement, he can’t stop thinking about her. Could Day help him find respite from the crushing responsibility he’s carried all his life? This fairy tale could have a happy ending, if only they can escape Kash’s past…


Holy Hell do I have a new favorite Mistress/heroine/Professor Queen to add to my list of outstanding female characters. Dayita Samar is one heck of a woman and the complexity of her character is due to the control and dominance she yields as well as her ability to know her worth and demand an equal place in the eyes of men who try to control her…who try to bring her to her knees in a servile role – one that she adamantly refuses to play no matter the rank or status of those who look to demean her.

Everything about Day worked for me! She reads people so well and knows exactly what Kash needs, even if he’s unwilling to admit to it. Day gives a voice to the women of her country, and she empowers them to speak for themselves, using both her intelligence and her stellar personality to evoke change in a kingdom that is very set in its ways when it comes to the monarchy and its role with the people. It doesn’t matter that she’s a commoner…it doesn’t matter that she’s into dominatrix…what matters is that she’s the woman who can save Kash from himself…the woman who can give him stability and force him to accept who he is and what he needs to deal with the pressure of his duties as King.

Kashmir Kamdar definitely has a playboy reputation and a past filled with weak women who have graced his bed but nothing else. Because Kash shares a history with Day, the arranged marriage his mother has forced on him doesn’t sound quite as bad as it did before he knew, but 15 years is a long separation and the man and woman Kash and Day are now is nothing like they were at Oxford, and due to Kash’s dalliances for the past five years, it’s difficult to say whether this forced relationship will be what turns Kash’s life and role in his kingdom around or if it sends him spiraling even further because a King is not supposed to want/need to submit to anyone, let alone a woman when he has a country to command.

Despite the fact that Kash and Dayita’s story is a novella, the points of contention that they must confront are numerous and complex. Kash has turned into a ruler who does not hold much creditability with his people and because of his insecurities and his self-imposed failures, he’s unable to see with clarity what Day is offering him as her lowly servant in their bedroom but nowhere else. And, the struggle to get Kash to see his desires as anything but perverse is not something that will happen quickly because he’s ingrained who he’s supposed to be according to his deceased father’s dictates and he can’t get passed who he should be even if it’s not exactly who he is or who he wants to be.

Arranged is a fantastic addition to Lexi Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries series, and it’s a story with the perfect mix of conflict, a bit of suspense, steamy submission, and a badass heroine who knows exactly how to please her King!

4.5 Poison Apple

TANGLED: A Dark Protectors—Reece Family Novellaby Rebecca Zanetti

Ginny O’Toole has spent a lifetime repaying her family’s debt, and she’s finally at the end of her servitude with one last job. Of course, it couldn’t be easy. After stealing the computer files that will free her once and for all, she finds herself on the run from Theo Reese, a pissed off vampire who has never fallen for her helpless act. A deadly predator too sexy for his own good. If he doesn’t knock it off, he’s going to see just how powerful she can really be.

HOLD ME: A Stark Ever After Novella by J. Kenner

My life with Damien has never been fuller. Every day is a miracle, and every night I lose myself in the oasis of his arms. But there are new challenges, too. Our families. Our careers. I know we will survive—we have to. Because I cannot live without Damien by my side. But sometimes the darkness seems overwhelming, and I am terrified that the day will come when Damien cannot bring the light.


J. Kenner can NEVER stop writing about Damien and Nikki Stark’s life because every glimpse, regardless of how big or small, into their lives exemplifies just how dynamic of a couple they are and how magnetic their connection is as well as how their passion for love and life drives their personal and professional lives.

In Hold Me, it’s all about balance…about finding what works best for Nikki and Damien’s life and following through with their own plan without feeling inferior or defeated simply because they veered from their path a bit to live life on their own terms…not anyone else’s.

Juggling being a business woman, a mother, and a wife is not an easy feat; in fact, many women feel incapable, which then makes her begin to doubt her abilities to keep all parts of her life afloat while giving equal parts of herself to those who depend on her. And, the fact that someone as driven and independent as Nikki Stark finds herself exhausted and overwhelmed with the prospect of returning to work full-time and missing any of her sweet baby girls’ “firsts” drives home the fact that it’s okay to take a step back, determine what’s most important for her and her family, and become who she needs to be for her family but also for herself.

Damien and Nikki Stark are incredibly lucky, and they don’t take any part of their lives for granted because they’ve been through too much already to feel any less than humbled by what they get to experience every day.

In Hold Me, Damien continues to be Nikki’s rock, comforting her and giving her everything she needs with both his kindness and his filthiness; she’s stronger because he’s by her side, refusing to let her down, protecting their future the best they can. They are partners in every sense of the word, and I can’t wait to see where J. Kenner takes this power couple next!

4.5 Poison Apples


Ex-Navy SEAL Travis Ration is an expert hunter. Whether his prey is criminal or victim, he always gets his mark. When the FBI call in a favor and ask him to look into a serial killer over the holiday break, he jumps at the opportunity to fill the long, cold days with something besides regret and bad movies. In Las Vegas, he’s on the hunt for a prolific serial killer no one wants to admit exists. The leads are dry and the evidence gone, until she walks into his life. Bliss Giles—curvy, sassy and everything he can’t have.

Every Dark Nights tale is breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic.

Experience the 1001 Dark Nights Bundle Here…

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About the 1001 Dark Nights Bundle Authors

Larissa Ione is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. An Air Force veteran, she traded in a career as a meteorologist to pursue her passion of writing. She now spends her days in pajamas with her computer, strong coffee, and supernatural worlds. She believes in celebrating everything, and would never be caught without a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge…just in case. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her U.S. Coast Guard husband, her teenage son, a rescue cat named Vegas, and her very own hellhound, a King Shepherd named Hexe.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband and three kids. She began writing at a young age concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. Lexi believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome or foursome may seem.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Rebecca Zanetti is the author of over twenty-five dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and contemporary romances. She lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her own Alpha hero, two kids, a couple of dogs, a crazy cat…and a huge extended family. She believes strongly in luck, karma, and working her butt off…and she thinks one of the best things about being an author, unlike the lawyer she used to be, is that she can let the crazy out.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Julie Kenner (aka J. Kenner and J.K. Beck) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over forty novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

Praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations,” J.K. writes a range of stories including super sexy romances, paranormal romance, chick lit suspense and paranormal mommy lit. Her foray into the latter, Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner, is in development as a feature film with 1492 Pictures.

Her most recent trilogy of erotic romances, The Stark Trilogy (as J. Kenner), reached as high as #2 on the New York Times list and is published in over twenty countries.

J.K. lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and several cats.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

It can never be said that New York Times&USA Today bestselling author Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life. She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, tattoo addict and board game enthusiast. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she spends her time writing, reading, hunting Pokemon, playing board games and catering to her furry overlords, aka the cats.

Website | Facebook | Twitter




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