The Thief by Kate McCarthy
Release Date: April 4th, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The Thief - Final NEW

After years of working in the family business, Arcadia “Ace” Jones has become a renowned car thief. Trained from a tender age, it’s the only life she’s ever known. Longing for a future that doesn’t hold the promise of prison, she makes the decision to go straight and earn an honest living.

But the Marchetti Organisation won’t accept her retirement, forcing her to complete a job so big it’s almost impossible. She’s on a tight deadline but an irritating biker dude keeps thwarting her attempts to deliver.

Kelly Daniels likes to tinker with bikes and cars. He’s content with operating the car restoration business he owns alongside his partners, until an annoying little thief manages to steal a Dodge Charger right out from under his nose.

He gets pulled into her treacherous scheme and they form an unlikely bond. When it becomes a race against the clock to pull off the heist of the century or end up behind bars, Ace and Kelly realise they have more to lose than their freedom—each other.


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Arcadia ‘Ace’ Jones and Kelly Daniels may seem like they’re on opposing sides of the law…of life in general…due to the fact that Ace steals the very things that Kelly restores to their former glory, and while both seem to be amazing at their respective professions, what binds them together instead of driving them apart is their similar outlooks when it comes to what they’re willing to do for family…how much loyalty drives their relationships and how even when they’re knocked down, they get back up and work harder to accomplish what needs to be done, fighting with fury and tenacity until the very end.

Individually, Ace and Kelly are each a force to be reckoned with, so when they’re forced to work together, combining their expertise and intelligence, because the stakes become too high for both of them, that’s when the true adventure begins…that’s when their ‘badassness’ shines through…that’s when they truly showcase the people they are beneath Ace’s thievery and Kelly’s restoration skills…the individuals who have the potential to destroy and ruin one another or send each other flying higher than they’ve ever flown…because that’s the crazy thing about high intensity experiences mixed with deep emotional connections – the highs and lows are extreme but so worth it when it comes to finding the other half to your adventurous, creative, and protective soul.

Kate McCarthy definitely knows how to write romantic suspense stories! She gives her thrill-seeking readers a rush as her characters maneuver through the maelstrom that surrounds them and then she provides the hardcore romantics…those who believe that soul mates are possible, a look into how two people can be as different as can be on the surface but share common values that bind them together in the most decadent and loving ways.

I love that The Thief showcased Casey’s brother, Kelly. He made quite an impression on many readers when he was introduced in Give Me Grace, and while his and Ace’s story is a complete standalone, I loved having some backstory insight into who Kelly was/is and what he values over everything else. His MC brothers mean everything to Kelly, so their supporting role in the book illustrates that bond and it also demonstrates exactly what it means to have somebody’s back regardless of the situation. Kelly is definitely an alpha male, but that’s only one part of this complicated man and I’m so glad that McCarthy allowed readers to truly understand this man’s complexity because it provides strong reasoning as to why Kelly does what he does throughout the storyline.

Ace is my kind of kickass heroine because there are multiple sides of who she is and Kate McCarthy allows all parts of Ace to shine, which then allows readers to truly understand why/how she became a car thief and how much her family means to her since they’re a major reason why she’s trying to go legit. Ace is sassy, strong, and controlled but she also can be highly emotionally and the fact that she does such a high risk job proves the kind of moxie Ace has, which makes her standout as one badass woman!

Readers are in for the ride of their life when they enter Ace and Kelly’s worlds and as the hero and heroine cross paths and form an unlikely connect, readers are in the car’s back row, holding on for dear life as those two figure out how to save their own asses while also saving each other’s butts in the process.

I definitely can’t wait for more from this high octane world!

4.5 Poison Apples


My breath catches. This was only supposed to be about wild sex with a hot, irresistible man. I should have known. The moment he walked inside Fix I knew he was a paradox. A puzzle, one I played with, slowly fitting all the broken pieces together until the whole picture now sits before me, a picture so beautiful it steals my breath.

“Kelly.” He watches me, his face close to mine. “You were never meant to get involved. It’s not your fight.”

He draws back like I’ve slapped him the face.

I fumble for his hand, grabbing it before he can withdraw any further. “It’s always been my fight. I don’t have friends. I don’t have boyfriends. I don’t sleep around. I’ve always kept people at arms-length because I don’t live a life where I can answer the kinds of questions they ask of me. Then you came along and I thought maybe this once it would be nice, real fucking nice to pretend I could have something beautiful for myself. Only you weren’t what I expected. You pissed me off. You made me laugh and you made me ache, and you made me want you so damn much. You did all that and now I can’t imagine how I lived a life without you in it. You give so much of yourself without even realising it. Even now you’re taking my fight and making it your own, and I hate myself for being so selfish and letting you.”


About the Author

Kate McCarthy is a USA Today Bestselling author who resides in Brisbane, Australia, a city in the state of Queensland where she works full time on her writing.

She has two children, two dogs, and a pile of friends and family dotted all over the world that help keep her sane.

When she’s not busy running after naughty kids, filthy dogs, and writing books, you can find her curled up in bed in the early hours of the morning reading new books and re-reading old favourites.

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