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The night I met Greer Palmer was no coincidence.

The plan was perfect.

Everything was in place. All I had to do was get her attention and the rest would take its course.

What I didn’t plan was my reaction the first time she spoke.

“Are you okay?”

Three little words…

That’s all it took for her to steal my breath and shatter every thing I’d expected.

She was supposed to be a spoiled socialite, a pampered princess, an elite heiress— anything other than the striking beauty that blew my misconceptions to pieces.

One kiss and I became obsessed.

One night and I became addicted.

One month and she became my world.

Suddenly, my plan wasn’t so perfect.

To her, I am sunset kisses, whispers of seduction, and promises of forever.

It’s all a lie…

I’m Lawson Hall.

My name and reputation speaks for itself as one of the most successful architects in the industry. Conceited, arrogant, egotistical, ruthless— I’ve earned it all.

In reality, I’ve bided my time, done my job, and waited my turn.

Now is my chance.

Greer thinks we met by accident, but she’s wrong.

Once the lies are exposed, will the truth be enough?

My Review

When I first started reading Ahren Sanders’ Fat Cat Liar, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had never heard of the ‘fat cat’ expression before, but once Sanders provided me with the term’s definition, it clearly depicted who her hero, Lawson Hall, was and based on his less than gentlemanly reasons for befriending Greer Palmer and his inability to fess up to the depth of his deceit, the last word in the title fell into place, projecting a less than stellar opinion of Lawson, which could definitely sway readers and characters alike to refuse to see past his betrayal despite the truth of his feelings for Greer.

Ahren Sanders made it perfectly clear, early on, that Lawson’s stereotypical view of Greer’s ‘spoiled princess’ lifestyle was completely inaccurate, and while it was those misconceptions that allowed him to use her as a means to an end when it came to a business deal, the fact that Lawson kept up the ruse as long as he did even while growing to care for Greer in genuine ways will definitely not sit well with those who love Greer, both her family and friends as well as readers who  immediately recognized the amazing and beautiful woman Greer is, inside and out.

Through much of the story, I questioned Lawson’s outward behavior versus his internal conflict. I needed to understand why he continued to, in a way, ‘play’ Greer even though Sanders illustrated how quickly his mind changes after his first few interactions with her. I definitely think this might be a point of contention for some readers when it comes to accepting Lawson as a book boyfriend, but I do feel that Sanders proves just how much Greer changes Lawson through his actions, which means that even if he keeps the truth hidden until it’s no longer an option, he does show how much Greer means to him despite their relationship being built on lies and deception, and if readers can reserve judgment until Lawson demonstrates his remorse, his heartache, and his transformation due to Greer’s influence then they’ll be able to believe that Greer becomes his ultimate end game despite its original intent.

The fact that Greer Palmer is an heiress to a billion dollar company is so far removed from who she truly is, so it makes sense that she keeps that information close to the vest and only has an inner circle of friends who know her full story. Greer is an amazing heroine – one who is her own person with her own goals despite the type of woman she could be due to her father’s success. Greer is the antithesis to every stereotypical attribute for a woman who comes from money, and while, at times, she appears to be too good to be true, Sanders develops her character in a way that leaves no argument about exactly who and what matters most to her, and when Lawson’s lies are revealed, she makes him work for EVERYTHING, which proves how strong of a woman Greer is because even when her heart is breaking, she endures…she fights for herself and doesn’t give in even when she wants to despite all of the pain that Lawson put her through because when it comes down to it, she sees how much he’s changed and realizes that the risk just might be worth it.

The Lawson Hall readers meet at the beginning of Ahren Sanders’ Fat Cat Liar is not the same man who ends up fighting for love instead of his job once his lies and end game are revealed. Now that’s not to say that he still doesn’t have some a-hole tendencies or a healthy confidence that makes him seem like quite the arrogant bastard. But it’s that growth…that transformation that allows me to see past his deception and recognize the man he became due to his  ulterior motives to get close to Greer for financial gain.


I can’t write my review for Fat Cat Liar without mentioning the supporting characters, especially the Nerd Herd. This group of five intelligent, close-knit friends share an amazing bond and they use their collective brain power to accomplish monumental projects. I absolutely adored their commitment to each other and the fact that they brought such diverse qualities to the group showcases who each one is separately and how much they can accomplish when those characteristics are brought together. Theirs is a fierce friendship and it’s one that they could surely not live without.

Ahren Sanders’ Fat Cat Liar illustrates just how life-altering true love can be and what people are willing to do, both in positive and negative ways, to hold onto the other half of their heart. Lawson and Greer’s story is told through both of their perspectives, which means that readers are thoughtfully immersed into a journey that is heartwarming, heartbreaking, and so emotionally rich that readers can’t help but fall in love with both of them, even if we may also want to knock some sense into a particular sexy, possessive liar!

4.5 Poison Apples


“Don’t.” I pull her closer, brushing my lips against hers. “You want to know something, ask.”

She nods and resumes scraping lightly on my cheeks.

“Here’s another tidbit of information. I’m in no rush to introduce you to my brother. He’s a lady’s man, and he’ll have no problem trying to snatch you from right under my nose. I’m not an idiot and know a good thing when I find it.”

She giggles, the sound breaking any tension from earlier.

“You’re ridiculous.”

“I’m smart.”

“If you had a rough day, we don’t have to go out.”

“I’m tempted to keep you here like this, especially looking like you do. But I thought you wanted to meet your friends for drinks.”

“What’s wrong with the way I look?”

I make a point to sweep my eyes slowly over her face, neck, shoulders, and chest, stopping when I hit her low-cut neckline. “Your tits are about to burst out of your top.”

“They are not!” She swats me playfully.

I cock an eyebrow at her. “Pretty sure every man that sees you tonight is going to think the same thing. Do me a favor and don’t make any sudden movements.”

“Now, you’re being silly. This top doesn’t show that much cleavage.”

To make a point, I lean in and skim my lips along the edge on the fabric, stopping at the lowest point and darting my tongue out to touch her skin. She inhales sharply.

“Now, do you see my point?”

Author Bio

Ahren spent her formative years living in an active volcano. There her family made collectible lava art. She studied rock collecting at the Sorbonne in France. There she met the love of her life-her pet pig Sybil. She returned to the states and started writing. She is happily married to a guy who used to live under a bridge and she met while pole-dancing.

Now, meet the real me. I grew up in the south and consider myself a true “Southerner”. Most of the special locations mentioned in my books are reflections of my favorite places. Living on the Florida coast, my family spends a lot time at the beach, which is where I usually can be found with a book in my hand.

For more information on my books, please click here: Ahren Sanders

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