RELEASE REVIEW: Tomorrow’s Too Late by Nicole Edwards

 Ready for the next Sniper 1 Security? 

Then check out Nicole’s latest release – Tomorrow’s Too Late, book 3 of the Sniper 1 Security series!

A man with a painful past.

Hunter Kogan is no stranger to pain. For the past five years, he has been in a downward spiral, his days dark and grey. He spends most of his waking hours stumbling through, hating every second, wishing he didn’t even exist.

A woman with a secret.

Danielle Davidson was born with a secret, one she knows should never get out. That very secret was what had her running from the only man she’s ever loved. But it seems someone has figured it out, and they want her dead because of it.

A man who can save them both.

Kye Sterling knows Hunter has a troubled past. He knows someone hurt the man, which is the very reason he doesn’t mind getting close, wanting to ease Hunter’s pain in the only way he knows how. Not that it’s working. Nothing seems to be working.

When Max Adorite comes to Sniper 1 Security seeking personal protection for his cousin Danielle, the world as Hunter and Kye know it will forever be changed.

Can the three of them figure out the threat to Dani before a madman gets his revenge? Can Hunter finally move out of the past and get the answers he so desperately needs? Or will he end up pushing away the two people who could pull him out of the darkness and into the light?

Nicole Edwards’ latest release’s title, Tomorrow’s Too Late, alludes to the idea of just how fragile and unpredictable life is; people aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so if they’re stuck in the past, like Hunter Kogan, or running from a set of circumstances that doesn’t allow them to be in the present, like Danielle Davidson, then they just might lose out on the possibilities of today, and in Hunter and Danielle’s case that ‘possibility’ is one person – Kye Sterling – and everything he has to offer both of them.

There’s no other way to describe Hunter but as a broody asshole. Don’t get me wrong…I understand that Danielle broke him when she left all those years ago, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy for him to confront her or the past they shared, but there were times I wanted to shake him because he just wouldn’t or couldn’t see past what was done to him…he couldn’t open his heart or his mind to the possibility that there was a reasonable explanation for Danielle vanishing from his life and hurting him so badly. But I do feel like Nicole Edwards needed to portray Hunter this way because she truly illustrated just how much he lost of himself when he lost Danielle and the fact that it’s going to take time and patience in order for him to come around and truly allow Danielle to speak her piece and then hopefully move forward.

Hunter is stubborn and wants the person who hurt him to feel the exact same way, so I’m not surprised that some of the reviews I read discussed how much they disliked Hunter at the beginning of Tomorrow’s Too Late. It also didn’t shock me when Hunter took out his frustrations on Kye and Kye just readily took it because he was the only one who truly understood Hunter and everything that lies behind his alpha jerk demeanor. It doesn’t mean that Kye’s a pushover, though, because when Hunter keeps shoving, Kye does what needs to be done and after awhile, they both realize where they belong.

I feel like Kye is exactly who Hunter and Danielle needed to find some common ground, and while this threesome is definitely unconventional, the three of them together works and it also allows them to share their hearts and their bodies with the two people who will fight to the death to protect them.

There’s a lot to absorb and digest in Tomorrow’s Too Late, not only with the relationship that seems to be developing between Hunter, Kye, and Danielle, but also with the danger that Danielle is in, the reasons for her life being at risk, and the steps that her two lovers will go to in order to keep her right where she belongs.  And, as these diverse plot lines progress, Nicole Edwards keeps readers guessing as well as on the edge of our seats as we attempt to figure out how everything is going to end up between the three main characters and if they’ll have to suffer anymore pain or regret to get to a place where they can all stop running from or dwelling on the past.

Tomorrow’s Too Late is an emotional and complicated journey for Hunter, Kye, and Danielle as well as the book’s readers, which works well for a Nicole Edwards’ story because she invests the time in developing her characters and the story line to illustrate just how significant the actions and words of her heroes and heroine are, and that is why I will always one-click stories by the Queen of menage!

4.5 Poison Apples

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