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Chase McKenna is the hottest bartender in the city… and he knows it. Sexy, charming, and abs for days? It’s no wonder every girl who walks through the doors is panting for him.

Except me.

I’m stuck crushing on my perfect boss, who has zero idea I’m even alive. I need a plan to catch his attention… and who better to teach me the tricks of seduction than Mr. Panty—Dropper himself?

The rules are simple: no strings, no stress, and definitely no feelings. But it turns out, Chase is way more than I bargained for, and as for the sparks flying between us…?

You can’t teach chemistry like this.

Soon, we’re throwing our lesson plan out the window — and our clothes right after it. We’re breaking all the rules, and my heart’s on the line, but now I’m wondering…

Must all good flings come to an end?

Find out in the hot new romance from Katie McCoy!

My Review

Urban Dictionary defines a ‘wingman’ as ‘a guy you bring along with you on singles

outings (like to bars) that helps you out with the women.’ The wingman has his friend’s back and does what he can to allow his friend to ‘get the girl’ he wants, even if it means that the wingman loses out on the ‘one.’

In Katie McCoy’s newest release, WingMan, she crafts her own defining characteristics and uses Chase McKenna, Mr. Panty-Dropper himself, to teach Kelsey the art (tricks) of seduction…to be her wingman, in a way, that allows her to understand how she needs to act and what she needs to say in order to make her boss, the man she’s had a crush on for the past four years, to see her as an attractive woman…as someone he would consider spending time with outside of their place of business.

So, while Chase isn’t Kelsey’s typical ‘wingman,’ he quickly becomes essential to Kelsey’s life, in ways she never even considered, which makes Chase’s tutorials become more about them educating one another on each other’s likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, intimacy, and emotional investment. It’s almost as if the student becomes the teacher because Chase’s playboy ways never prepared him for what he feels for Kelsey and what he’ll have to do once Kelsey’s lessons are over and she finally gets what she’s always wanted – another man.

McCoy constructs a realistic heroine in Kelsey. She’s relatable to readers because anyone could be experiencing Kelsey’s insecurities. Kelsey’s nervous ramblings show a woman who doesn’t quite know how to act around guys she’s attracted to and by placing Kelsey in Chase’s very capable hands, she’s able to learn a valuable lesson – one that all women should learn and that’s that they’re enough…they’re beautiful, and man does Chase do a fantastic job of helping Kelsey to realize her own self-worth.

At first, Chase appears to be the stereotypical manwhore – a playful bartender who never finds himself lacking female attention, and while some readers might be turned off due to Chase’s abundant extra-curricular activities, there’s more to him than his ability to get laid and that’s what McCoy allows readers to see as Chase works with Kelsey…as he proves to her just how amazing she is, and it’s his actions with Kelsey and witnessing the reality of who Chase is beneath the playboy facade that will endear him to readers. 

Chase and Kelsey’s story is a humorous and steamy romantic comedy that illustrates how essential it is for a person to feel confident and beautiful when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Part of the reason that Kelsey’s boss has never truly seen her is because of the quirks she’s developed over the years due to a lack of self confidence and her mother’s degrading comments. Chase makes Kelsey see herself for who she really is and it’s because of Chase’s care and compassion that she finally feels ‘enough’ not just for someone of the opposite sex but more importantly for herself.

4 Poison Apples

Praise for Wingman

“This story is a quick, hilarious and steamy read. PERFECTION!”

“I love this series! These guys are so freakin HOT! I am all about a good rom-com and Katie McCoy never disappoints. It was fun, awkward, hot, steamy, sweet.” Tweezy Reads blog

“Wingman has everything you’ve come to love from Katie McCoy’s romance! Laughter, sizzling chemistry, and a sexy love story!” Beneath the Covers blog

“Kelsey and Chase were a perfect match for each other, they just don’t know it yet… Katie McCoy knows how to write one hell of a sexy guy ;)”

The Rascals Series:

Five guys. One bar. And a whole heap of sexy trouble…

#1 Rascal

#2 Wingman – June 25th

#3 Heartbreaker – Aug 20th

#4 Soulmate – Oct 15th

#5 Troublemaker – Dec 10th

Author Bio

Katie McCoy is a self-proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical.
A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn’t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.
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