COVER AND BLURB REVEAL: Tears of the Storm by A. Meredith Walters

  Cover and Blurb Reveal for Tears of the Storm (The Gathering of the Sun Duet, Book 2)💕

This is the sequel to Ashes of the Sun and will be released on…

JULY 26th!

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Cover Design by the fabulous Sofie Hartley/ Hart & Bailey Design Co!!!

Official Blurb

(Contains spoilers for Ashes of the Sun)

Everything I had been raised to believe is a lie.

Prayer became the voice of dishonesty.
Manipulation was disguised as faith.
Abuse was masquerading as devotion.

And the man I worshipped as a leader, as a father, has been revealed to be a monster.

The only choice I have is to run.

To leave The Gathering of the Sun behind me and try to build a new life in a world I have been told is full of evil and corruption. A world that will destroy me.

Love will be my guide. Bastian will help me search for the girl I could have been. The girl who was erased by the people claiming to be my family.

But hope is a fragile thing. Holding onto it in the face of fear and doubt feels almost impossible. Because even the sun can’t keep the clouds at bay.

And I’ve learned the only thing I can do is walk into the storm.

Read Book 1 NOW!

ASHES OF THE SUN (The Gathering of the Sun Duet, Book 1)-

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