DIRTY SEXY GAMES (Dirty Games Book 2) by Laurelin Paige

Release in Audio First: August 7th

Release on all other vendors: November 12th

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Laurelin Paige & Tom Barnes

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November 12th


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The conclusion to Dirty Sexy Player, the highly anticipated spin-off duet of Dirty Filthy Rich Men. 

A sham marriage to an infamous playboy – what could possibly go wrong? Don’t miss the breathtaking, high-stakes conclusion to the Dirty Games duet by New York Times best-selling author Laurelin Paige!

Their union started with a simple plan: to fake a marriage that would allow Elizabeth to take over her father’s company and merge it with Weston’s holdings, creating a vast media empire. But what began as a pretend marriage has become all too real….

Now a bombshell about Weston’s past is keeping him rooted at home while Elizabeth must travel across the globe to take up the company reigns. But their intense connection could bring the entire game crashing down as they’re forced to choose power and family…or the love of a lifetime.

My Audio Review

In Dirty Sexy Player, Weston King and Elizabeth Dyson played a complicated game, both doing what needed to be done in order to get the outcome they wanted. But what neither of them anticipated was their hearts becoming part of the equation, which means that if they can’t figure out what their endgame is, neither of them will be considered the winner even if their professional lives flourish.

Mr. and Mrs. Weston King…that’s a moniker that I never saw coming, but now that it’s happened, I can’t imagine Weston going back to the bachelor manwhore that he was; his once fake relationship with Elizabeth has now become everything he never knew he wanted, but before these two can live happily ever after as husband and wife, decisions have to be made and secrets need to be revealed.

But Weston and Elizabeth have one last game to play and where better to do it but on their honeymoon – a place where they can be anyone they want to be and get to know one another now that what’s between them means everything to both of them. 

Weston’s growth and transformation throughout the course of Dirty Sexy Games proves that there’s more to him than his dirty mouth and his business mind. Weston has a lot to deal with in this story and while he’s conflicted about where his life is headed, he never waivers on his commitment to Elizabeth or the fact that he considers her his home.

Elizabeth really comes into her own in the second part of the Dirty Games Duet, and despite her lack of experience when it comes to a man like Weston and a business world that could very well defeat her, she refuses to settle…she refuses to allow her life to be dictated by others’ actions and motivations and while I questioned some of her decisions, in the end, I understood why she felt she had no other choice, even if it meant breaking her heart even more to make things right.

What’s clear by the end of Dirty Sexy Games is that Elizabeth didn’t need to take Weston’s last name to be considered royalty; she accomplished that all on her own by proving her worth, not only as a future CEO of her family’s company but also as an intelligent, driven woman who has worked her butt off to get the keys to her castle, which means not only is she a queen, but she’s also the only one who can stand equal with her king.

Jacob Morgan and Elena Wolfe do a fantastic job of bringing these two characters to life, especially during those tenuous moments where the characters’ emotions were high and they were stripped bare, so much so that their overwhelming feelings resonated from the words of the narrators.

At the end of Dirty Sexy Games, it’s clear that Weston and Elizabeth aren’t finished with their games, but hopefully from here on out, they’ll be nothing but fun, sexy, and forever ones.

4.5 Poison Apples

About the Author

With over 1.5 million books sold world wide, Laurelin Paige is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author. She is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She’s also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn’t do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. She is represented by Rebecca Friedman.

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