What has a sexy, bad-ass veteran hero…
A feisty and independent heroine who won’t hesitate to stand up for herself…
A forbidden, best friend’s younger sister conflict…
And a forced-proximity roommates-to-lovers situation that creates all kinds of sexual tension?

FIGHTING FOR WHAT’S HIS—the second standalone title in New York Times bestselling author Laura Kaye’s Warrior Fight Club series!

FIGHTING FOR WHAT’S HIS is now available!

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About FIGHTING FOR WHAT’S HIS (Warrior Fight Club #2, 9/7/18)

This fight club has one rule: you must be a veteran…

Resisting her only makes him want her more…

Private investigator Billy Parrish is good at three things—fighting, investigating, and sex. MMA training with the other vets in the Warrior Fight Club keeps his war-borne demons at bay—mostly, and one night stands ensure no one gets too close. But then his best friend from the Army Rangers calls in a favor.

Shayna Curtis is new to town, fresh out of grad school, and full of hope for the future. With a new job starting in a month, she’s grateful when her brother arranges a place for her to stay while she apartment hunts. But she never expected her roommate to be so brooding. Or so sexy.

Billy can’t wait for Shay to leave—because the longer she’s there, the more he wants her in his bed. To stay. He can’t have her—that much he knows. But when fight club stops taking off the edge, Billy lets down his guard…and starts fighting for what’s his.

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My Review

Billy Parrish has proven himself a warrior, from his time in the military to his current job as a private investigator; he’s fought the good fight every day of his life, but he now faces an even greater opponent – one who has the ability to capacitate him and send him spiraling OR heal him in ways he never thought possible. But in order for this to take place, Billy needs to get his demons at bay and whether his new roommate, Shayna Curtis, can help him in that process is unclear because while he is attracted to her and his body craves hers, his decision to remain in control and alone makes Shayna’s fight an uphill battle, but it’s one she’s willing to endure because it’s beyond clear that fighting their battles alone is no longer working, so making it a team effort seems like the best option…but that’s the thing about people’s past demons…sometimes, regardless of how much they could use the help, their old operating methods plague them, placing barriers and obstacles that must be endured for these two warriors to learn to fight for each other.

Billy Parrish has a rough exterior, which makes perfect sense due to his background and his time served, and it’s also understandable for him to keep his distance from people given his loss and what he’s endured. But it’s beyond clear that Shayna is going to be one heck of a problem for Billy, not only because they’re forced into this ‘roommate’ situation, but also because their attraction is instantaneous and fending off their desires and feelings for each other just makes things that much more complicated.

It’s interesting to see how Billy and Shayna interact with one another when she first moves in; the sexual tension between them slowly builds each day they’re around each other, and while they both have every intention to stay away from the other, forcing them to temper their desires, it’s impossible for them to do so and once that barrier is tore down, what comes next will either heal their wounds or force further torment and devastation.

Fighting For What’s His illustrates that support and comfort can be found in many places…that trying to control feelings that just might heal one’s soul is futile. Billy found a way to cope with his past by pushing himself and his body at the Warrior Fight Club, and while he never thought he would find solace and peace with a woman when a certain woman enters his life – one that finds a way into his heart, the risks may multiply but so does the chance at happiness and once Billy realizes that, he’s willing to fight to claim Shayna regardless of what or who tries to thwart his attempts.

I’m a huge fan of Laura Kaye’s storytelling and her characters are always dynamically diverse; every story she writes is one that resonates with her readers, even in small ways, and allow us to escape into the world of protective men and the women who love them regardless of the scars of their past. Her Warrior Fight Club series, just like the other series that I’ve read, is a collection of fast-paced, suspenseful and steamy reads, and I can’t wait for Sean Riddick’s book!

4.5 Poison Apples


“Shay, wait.” The words came out of Billy’s mouth before he even thought to say them. As if keeping Shayna around had been pure instinct.

And maybe it had been, because despite staying away from her all week, just one night in her presence had him craving more of her. Her humor. Her sarcasm. Her easy acceptance.

Maybe it was because of how little sleep he’d had all week. Or because doing his job well had meant delivering to his client the terrible news of her husband’s infidelity. Or because his surveillance work had required a lot of hours of sitting in his car—and the constant press of his back against the seat had awakened the phantom pain of long-ago fried nerves that he sometimes felt something fierce. All of which had him feeling exhausted.

Billy sighed and crossed the room to the staircase. “Come with me. Tomorrow, I mean.”

From where she stood on the fourth step, Shayna frowned. “Dude, it’s okay.”

He shook his head. “I want you to come.”

Her frown deepened. “Why? It’s not a big deal. Really.”

Why did he want her to come? When just moments before he’d felt so ambivalent and even a little embarrassed about it?

Billy didn’t have to think long on the answer—because she’d reacted as if WFC was not only perfectly normal, but really cool. And it was. But it was also fucking therapy of a sort, even though the format was something way different than sitting on a couch and spilling your emotional guts.

He needed to make up for hurting her feelings—and he knew he’d done just that. The expressiveness of her face made her an open book. And telling the truth was the best way to make up for it. He knew that, too.

“I was fucking embarrassed about what you’d think. That’s why I hesitated when you asked. Not because I didn’t want you to come. Besides, you could meet some of my friends.” Unusual heat rushed into Billy’s face, and he dropped his chin to his chest.

Shay made her way down to him until he was staring at her bare feet and her bright red toenails. “Did you think I’d tease you or something?” she asked, her voice neutral.

He forced himself to lift his chin and meet her gaze. “You do like to bust my balls.”

“Not about this. Never about this.” Her expression was so fucking earnest, and her face was even more beautiful.

He nodded, feeling the truth of her words down deep. After all, she’d seen his scars and heard him talk about how hard it was to come home from deployment and been nothing but cool about that, too. “So. will you come?”

Her smile answered before her words did. “Yeah. Sounds fun. I’d like to come. But I promise I’ll stay out of your hair.”

“You don’t have to stay out of my hair, Shayna.”

“Oh, good, because this is driving me crazy,” she said, her fingers suddenly combing through his hair. “You made it stand up funny.”

Billy could’ve fucking purred. If he did things like purr, which he fucking didn’t. But her nails felt damn amazing against his scalp. He would’ve closed his eyes at the goodness of it if it weren’t for watching the satisfaction shaping her pretty face as she touched him.

“There,” she said, her smile turning a little shy. She cleared her throat. “So, uh, okay then. What time do we need to leave?”

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“The always amazing Kaye is kicking off a terrific new contemporary romance series that centers around a wounded warrior’s fight club. Kaye does a beautiful job exploring the fallout from war and PTSD as various characters struggle to cope in their own ways. The love story between Noah Cortez and his childhood friend Kristina Moore is both compelling and touching, for the obstacles in their way loom large. A truly memorable read!”

~ RT Book Reviews


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About Laura Kaye

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in contemporary and erotic romance and romantic suspense, including the Blasphemy, Hard Ink, and Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. Laura also writes historical fiction as the NYT bestselling author, Laura Kamoie. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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