What’s a girl to do when a man who’s countless shades of wrong feels oh-so-right?

Ambitious book editor Asha Tate is a hopeless romantic. Despite her mediocre track record with men, she believes in swooning, sighing, and the everlasting love of true soul mates. Sure, sex is okay, but she’s not someone who’s ever been driven by her animal urges.

Until now.

When Asha stumbles upon the scorching hot Instagram feed of someone calling himself Professor Feelgood, she falls in lust for the first time. Not only is she left panting over the professor’s insane body, but his angst-filled poetry about losing his one true love speaks straight to her soul.

Desperately in need of a bestseller for her struggling publishing company, Asha knows the professor’s potential to sell to his millions of loyal followers could be the lifeline her bosses need. However, the ink is barely dry on a book deal before she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Sure, the professor is incredibly talented and sexier than any man has a right to be, but the man behind the persona isn’t at all who she pictured. In real life, he’s intense, arrogant and infuriating, and his uncanny ability to rub her the wrong way turns her dream project into a total nightmare.

Knowing that the professor is everything she doesn’t want in a man should help Asha ignore her occasional urges to mount him, but she quickly learns that explosive, unwanted chemistry can make even smart people do stupid things.

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My Review

It might have been lust at first sight for Asha Tate when she stumbled upon Professor Feelgood’s Instagram feed, but once she gets to know the man behind the sexiness, she realizes that he’s anything but the kind of guy she thought he was and not only does that put a damper on her infatuation with him, but it also complicates the job she needs to do in order to keep her career moving in the right direction, which means that despite her animosity towards a man who may share his heart and soul on his Instagram page, in person, he’s an arrogant jerk who pushes every single one of Asha’s buttons, putting her on edge and forcing her to reassess her thoughts about a happily ever after or at the very least reconsidering the qualities she wants in her soul mate because despite the fact that the good Professor is nothing like she thought he was, it doesn’t prevent her from reacting to his intelligence and his physique, but what that means for this hopeless romantic and

There are plenty of times throughout the story where I couldn’t tell if these two were going to tear each other’s clothes off or tear each other apart with their scathing words and harsh mistreatment, and because this contradictory dynamic seems to be on continual repeat, it takes awhile to understand what Asha and the professor truly want from one another and even then, it’s a crap shoot, because first impressions are everything and so are the memories and issues from their pasts.

If I’ve learned anything about Leisa Rayven’s storytelling, it’s that she writes good angst, and while I’m not usually a fan of said angst, I appreciate it when it’s not simply used as filler or for an overdone effect, so while my heart sometimes can’t take all of the ups and downs and pushes and pulls that occur between the hero and heroine, Rayven makes it a vital component of her characters’ development and transformation, which means that there’s something of value that comes out of these emotional wrought and challenging scenes.

For much of the story, the truth/reasons behind Professor Feelgood’s Instagram account and the reality of the man responsible remains quite a mystery, and because this is Asha’s story to tell, readers have to read between the lines sometimes in order to make sense of this contrary man and Asha feelings for him amidst all the nastiness that these two exchange.

I’m a huge fan of Leisa Rayven’s writing and characters, and because of how most of her storylines play out, the anticipation of the hero and heroine connecting on an intimate level makes for delayed gratification, so it’s the build up that matters…the steps that are taken to understand why they react the way they do to one another and what that means in the grand scheme of things, and with Asha and Professor Feelgood, getting through the tenuous times is more of a head and heartache than anything else, especially with the twists that Rayven places in her characters’ way.

4.5 Poison Apples

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