Princess Lenora Celeste Beatrice Arabella Pembrook had an unusual childhood. She was raised to be a Queen—the first Queen of Wessco.

It’s a big deal.

When she’s crowned at just nineteen, the beautiful young monarch is prepared to rule. She’s charming, clever, confident and cunning.

What she isn’t…is married.

It’s her advising council’s first priority. It’s what Parliament is demanding, and what her people want.

Lenora has no desire to tie herself to a man—particularly one who only wants her for her crown. But compromises must be made and royals must do their duty.

Even Queens. Especially them.


Years ago, Edward Langdon Richard Dorian Rourke, walked away from his title and country. Now he’s an adventurer—climbing mountains, exploring jungles, going wherever he wants, when he wants—until family devotion brings him home.

And a sacred promise keeps him there.

To Edward, the haughty, guarded little Queen is intriguing, infuriating…and utterly captivating. Wanting her just might drive him mad—or become his greatest adventure.


Within the cold, stone walls of the royal palace—mistrust threatens, wills clash, and an undeniable, passionate love will change the future of the monarchy forever.

Every dynasty has a beginning. Every legend starts with a story.

This is theirs.

My Review

Princess Lenora Celeste Beatrice Arabella Pembrook…

Her name alone carries power…it carries ancestry…it carries significance.

It’s the name she was born with…the name that follows her royal bloodline…the name befitting of a ruler.

And, despite her age…her inexperience…her unworldliness, a queen she becomes and I can wholeheartedly say that Queen Lenora rises and she reigns.

Heading into Royally Yours, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve ADORED every book in Emma Chase’s Royally series, so my expectations as the series has progressed have exponentially grown and that’s because of Chase’s lyrical prose and her creation of a cast of royal characters who are bound to shake up their royal lineage more than a little bit.

So, while I’ll admit that Lenora and Edward’s story started a bit slow for me, the further into their story I got, especially when Edward returned home and made good on his promise, the more captivated I was by every part of Lenora and Edward’s unusual courting and the steps that Edward took to de-ice the young Queen, helping her to experience adventures that she never would have had without Edward’s assistance.

Despite the losses she faced and the second guessing she endured, Lenora was made to rule, and she more than proves that as she not only grows into her position but leads with grace, intelligence, and purpose. I never saw her as the bitter and cold ruler that she was perceived to be, and I’m sure that’s because I was privy to her internal thoughts and could see the woman beneath the crown and the veneer that she has worked diligently to wear and perfect. She was born and raised to lead and she more than proves herself, knowing exactly what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and how it needs to be done and woe to any member of Parliament or her Advising Council who questions her choices or her methods because Her Majesty is not one who to be trifled with, not only because she has a commanding presence but also because she has a man at her back and by her side to hold her up, even when others want her to fall.

I absolutely LOVED everything about Edward Langdon Richard Dorian Rourke, and while some may question him for leaving his home to go on his own adventures for over a decade, his time away and what he learned help to guide him in his new position and makes him the perfect partner for his Lenny. Once the decision was made, Edward took his new life seriously and did everything he could to prove himself and he more than achieves what he wanted to and then some. The care he takes with Lenora, both personally and professionally, will make readers melt and wish for their own Prince Edward.

Lenora and Edward’s story was perfectly paced…nothing about their relationship was rushed and as they learned everything there was to know about one another, they discovered just how perfectly matched they are and why they were born to be together as his Queen and her Prince.

4.5 Poison Apples

Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.




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