REVIEW: PAN by Gina L. Maxwell

✨ 💚 ✨ PAN, a Neverland Novel is LIVE!!! ✨ 💚 ✨

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Gina L. Maxwell, comes a brand-new series with a fresh twist on an old classic.

Once upon a time, in Neverland, North Carolina–I fell in love.

I was twelve when Peter first climbed up to my balcony. Thirteen when I sneaked out to see him at the School for Lost Boys. Seventeen when his touch made me fly, And eighteen when his words made me cry.

We were magnetic, drawn to each other from that very first night, and what I thought would be forever. But when it came time for me to leave, he wouldn’t come with, so I left town with a map for my future and a shattered heart.

Ten years later, I’ve returned to Neverland, hoping to find a man in place of the boy.

Peter was partially right, growing up is no fun. After quitting my fancy career that sucked the magic out of life, I’m now organizing the fundraiser of the year. In a move that could make or break the event and my new company, I’ve hired Peter, master mechanic and owner of LB Automotive, to help me pull this off–trusting him to rebuild a classic car for the auction that could help hundreds of foster kids in need.

I thought I was prepared, but the boy who refused to leave is now a man hell-bent on getting me to stay, and as sparks fly between us, that undeniable fire flares back to life, deeper and hotter than ever.

But that ripped body doesn’t mean Peter’s matured enough to make us or this event work, and not everyone in Neverland is happy about my return.

Not every wound heals. Not every heart can be fixed. Not every boy grows up.

And after all this time, the love we found might be lost to us again…this time, forever.

*Pan is an adult contemporary romance retelling of Peter Pan, complete with Wendy, Hook, Tink, and all the Lost Boys. There are no fantasy elements in this world, other than the “magic” that happens between the sheets.

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My Review

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” 

And, boy if people in today’s world could believe in this iconic phrase from the classic story, Peter Pan, and sprinkle some of the magic and innocence of Neverland into everyday life, imagine what contemporary society could be.

But while readers wait to infuse some of the magical properties of Peter and the Lost Boys’ favorite place into our daily lives, contemporary romance lovers can journey to Gina L. Maxwell’s Neverland, North Carolina, and experience a motley and boisterous crew of young boys who love to play pretend in order to escape their less than ideal circumstances and a family of grown ups who understands the importance of both work and play and vow to never take anything for granted because they’ve learned long ago that nothing is guaranteed.

Gina L. Maxwell seamlessly weaves the past and the present together in her quest to transition Peter and Wendy’s innocent love as teens to the all-consuming passion that they experience when Wendy returns to Neverland and to Peter, and while they both have changed in the time spent apart, their love for each other never has, but the fact that these two have always been from two very different worlds is still a point of contention, but the fact that Peter let Wendy go once has no bearings on the present, meaning he’ll do whatever it takes to prove the mischievous and free-spirited boy can also be a dependable and trustworthy adult just as long as Wendy stands by his side, becoming the real life versions of the make-believe roles they played all those years ago.

At Maxwell’s Peter Pan’s core is the adventurous and protective leader of the Lost Boys and because he embodies many of the same characteristics as his younger counterpart, it’s so easy to visualize this self-assured adult – one who looks to bring a bit of magic not only in his life but in all those who look to him for guidance.

As a young girl, Wendy was the sensible and innocent one who was looking for a bit of adventure, and as an adult, she still remains virtuous and a bit of a people pleasure, but it’s clear that she’s still searching for that magic that she only had when she was with Peter, so as she makes strides to branch out on her own, to step outside the box she was living in due to her father’s exceptions as well as her upbringing, what will solidify her latest decisions to do what makes her feel the most alive is the assurance that Peter truly has grown up while also reminding her that life will still always be an adventure.

All of the nuances involved in integrating references to the childhood version of Peter Pan are cleverly implemented, merging the two worlds together in a way that doesn’t downplay Peter and Wendy’s adult relationship but further reinforces why it’s always been Peter for Wendy and vice versa despite the decade that they spent apart.

I appreciated how Maxwell framed Hook and Peter’s ‘friendship’ and how they have an understanding when it comes to one another, not only because Peter knows things that no one else does but also because they’re cut from the same cloth, so to speak. Peter’s perceptiveness is illustrated well, so it will be interesting to see what he does when it comes to Hook’s own story.

I absolutely adored Peter and Wendy’s story…but I have to admit…I’m DYING for Hook and John’s story because I know Maxwell is going to make them work for everything given Hook’s baggage and the ginormous chip on his shoulder, but I more than know that it will be worth it in the end.

5 Poison Apples


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