The Chaos series is complete!


Love and Chaos by S.M. Soto


Hell is rising

People are dying…all in the name of love.

Tell me, can the Devil and his Angel survive the flames?

Deception and Blood were the counterparts, but now, can Sophia and Creed navigate their way through the never ending Chaos?

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My Review

Throughout the entire Chaos series, readers have witnessed Sophia rebuild who she is after the darkness almost swallowed her whole due to a monster’s manipulative and sadistic ways – one who’s obsession with her forced Sophia to endure an immense amount of loss and pain. But now, that man has been dealt with…or is in the process of feeling Garrett and Creed’s wrath and punishment for his betrayal, manipulation, and cruelty, which means that Sophia can finally feel safe or at least as safe as she can since she’s in love and having the baby of a mafia prince.

Creed becomes more devil than man in the final book in the Chaos trilogy, and, at first, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around his behavior. I get that he wanted Finlay to suffer for what he did to Sophia, but holy shit does he go dark, so much so, that he’s hiding what he’s doing and keeping secrets in the hopes of protecting her, but what it’s also doing is alienating her from what she needs most – Creed and the truth.

I feel like Love and Chaos can be divided into two parts – the first one is the aftermath of Finlay’s actions and Creed’s subsequent punishment for all of Finlay’s sins and then the second one that focuses on the underbelly of Creed’s new dealings and those who want to challenge his family’s status and reach. And for that very reason, Sophia’s suffering doesn’t seem to be over, and even though it’s a new threat and she’s a secondary target due to her relationship with Creed, it’s more issues to be dealt with and Sophia’s current state doesn’t allow for anymore stress or worry than she’s already had to endure.

One thing that stood out to me about Sophia was her fierce protective nature of those she loves, especially when all hell breaks loose. She fights like hell to keep everyone safe, even when it’s more than apparent that she needs some help in that area, but what I loved most about her in these situations is that she never stopped fighting…she never stopped pushing back…she never stopped sacrificing herself and those actions proved her resilience and her inner strength, something that was always there but just needed a bit of healing for them to come to the forefront again.

I wasn’t sure how S.M. Soto was going to bring Creed and Sophia’s story to its conclusion. There was so much chaos encircling them and so many enemies looking to wreak havoc on their happiness that I worried that casualties would be high and Creed would head towards a downward spiral that he couldn’t come back from, but I should have trusted in Creed and Sophia’s love and I should have remembered that Creed takes care of his own and won’t allow anything to happen to his famiglia.    

I’m excited that Soto plans to stay in the Chaos world with not only the second generation but also with some of the members of Creed’s crew, and I’m sure she’ll continue to bring both darkness and light, chaos and calm, destruction and restoration into her stories and her characters’ lives.       

4.5 Poison Apples

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S.M. Soto was born and raised in Northern California where she currently resides with her son. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl, and has only continued to grow into adulthood. S.M. lives for reading books in the romance genre and writing novels with relatable characters. She refers to herself as a bit of a romance junkie. S.M. loves to connect with readers and eat copious of donuts that will surely lead to her demise (carbs are life).

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