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Local metalsmith and gift shop owner, Dahlia McGuire, likes her quiet life in Hartwell, Delaware. It’s the perfect place to hide from her family and the tragic events that led to their estrangement. However, when her father, the person she loves most in the world, needs her Dahlia has no choice but to return to Boston to face her ghosts. One of those happens to be her ex-boyfriend’s best friend, Michael Sullivan. The man she was never supposed to fall in love with.

Michael Sullivan has never forgotten Dahlia McGuire. Some might say he’s never gotten over her. For years he lived with the anger of her desertion, and now, newly-divorced, he’s finally ready to move on. That proves impossible when Dahlia returns to Boston and reawakens their explosive connection. Despite everything, Michael wants her back, but Dahlia can’t seem to let go of the tangled emotions of the past. When she flees home to Hartwell, Michael follows, determined to do everything in his power to convince her they belong together.

However, when the unthinkable hits the quiet seaside town, Michael finds himself trying to unravel more than the mystery of Dahlia’s broken heart. It’s time for truths left unsaid to finally be spoken or Michael and Dahlia might find themselves torn apart forever…

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What people are saying about Things We Never Said

 “Samantha Young once again delivers the perfect balance of emotion and wit, tension and levity… a visceral, beautifully penned story.” Vilma Iris

“The love and pain that went into writing this story is so evident throughout that you just don’t want to put the book down… Another MUST read by Samantha Young.” Badass Bloggettes

“Dahlia and Michael have chemistry that is explosive… I loved how they loved each other.”— Kathryn, Tsk, Tsk What to Read?

“Oh my word, I can’t even begin to explain how much I loved and devoured this book… Things We Never Said deserves ALL the stars.” —Lucie Lu’s Book Reviews

“Angst and heartache. Drama and suspense. Steam and longing. Slow burn and the most swoon-tastic hero… Things We Never Said HAD IT ALL.”— Angie’s Dreamy Reads

“Oy, what a beautiful yet heartbreaking story is this one.” — BJs Book Blog

“This is a great addition to this series… highly recommend!” —Reading with 2 Book Lovers

“This is a second chance love story at its finest.” — Amy, Garden of REden

My Review

I’m a huge fan of Samantha Young’s storytelling; she crafts emotionally rich stories with multifaceted characters who change and grow dramatically as they face the issues that surround them and deal with the complications that arise as they work for their happily ever after.

In Young’s newest release from her Hart’s Boardwalk series, Things We Never Said, she gives readers Dahlia McGuire and Michael Sullivan’s

second-chance love story – one that spans more than a decade of time spent apart as they face the past and deal with the fallout of their decisions as well as the loss, grief, drama, and guilt that weighs them down.

Dahlia and Michael’s book is quite an angsty read, which makes sense given the events that transpired between them when they were younger as well as the reasons behind Dahlia’s return to Boston and the frustrating and heartbreaking confrontation that ensues.

There’s a lot for Dahlia and Michael as well as readers to unravel as they toggle between the past and the present, shedding light on how they developed feelings for one another and the impossibility of their love lasting due to extenuating circumstances that break both of their hearts; then from there, we gather insight into the reasons behind Michael’s frustrated and callous behavior when Dahlia heads back to her hometown and then the steps he takes to make things right after she leaves his life, yet again, returning to her quiet life in Hartwell, Delaware.

It’s made abundantly clear that Dahlia can no longer runaway from her past and from everything that happened to estrange her from her family – it must all be confronted and dealt with, and it’s not going to be easy because there is a lot of anger and resentment coming at her from a number of people. But the fact that she accepts the mistreatment and works to repair the relationships that were torn apart illustrates the kind of person she is and what she’s willing to do to make things right for everyone involved.

I have to admit…I found these two quite frustrating, at times, because they weren’t completely honest with each other or themselves and they didn’t talk things through enough to make one another understand the choices that were made. But I held onto the fact that the love between them never truly left…it just laid dormant, waiting for them to stop merely existing and start truly living.

Things left unsaid fester and scar in ways that people would never imagine and that’s exactly what happened to Dahlia and Michael, which means that forgiveness is necessary for both of them to move forward, hopefully together, but unless things are said that need to be said and issues explored, understood, and forgiven, they’ll not be able to truly find their way back to each other, even though that’s clearly what they both want and need.

Things We Never Said is a slow burn, highly emotional story, which makes sense given all that must be dealt with, both individually and together. But by the time everything is laid bare between Dahlia and Michael, readers will understand both sides’ feelings and be able to see why they made the decisions they did, even if they knew exactly the kind of fallout it would cause.

4.5 Poison Apples

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