DECEIT by Ava Harrison
Release Date: May 27th, 2019
Cover Design: Hang Le
Photographer: Jon Wong
Model: Christian Hogue


I needed to get away.
My ex was getting married.
So, I left.

The English countryside was a picture-perfect escape.
The dashing stranger an even better one.
And what started as a chance encounter quickly became more.

He promised to show me how to live, how to feel alive and forget a past best forgotten.
He made me believe things could be different.
That was until I found out who he was . . .

He was Oliver Blackthorn.
The 16th Earl of Lockhart. Thirty-third in line to the throne.
And a liar.

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My Review

How can something real come from secrets and lies?

That’s the question that Addison Pierce is left to struggle with once she learns who Oliver Blackthorn after her body and her heart were already his.

In Ava Harrison’s latest release, Deceit, she crafts quite the tumultuous love story – one that will hurt readers’ heads and hearts as they witness Addison and Oliver’s sizzling chemistry followed by a series of revelations that destroy a connection that could have been everything they had ever wanted in a partner.

In my opinion, Addison and Oliver’s story would have been a much different one if Harrison wouldn’t have allowed readers to be privy to both characters’ perspectives, especially when it comes to Oliver’s secrets. I don’t think I would have understood why Oliver chose to hold back the information that he does or what was at stake for his family if not for the ability of hearing his internal musings as well as just how real his feelings for Addison are.

Addison’s stubbornness was a bit of a point of contention for me when it came to her unwillingness to hear Oliver out and her extreme tunnel vision when it came to moving on from Oliver and everything she felt for him before she learned the truth of his deceit. But while I did struggle with Addy’s words and actions at times, I did appreciate her honesty and her independent nature and Harrison does illustrate the evolution of Addie’s character extremely well.

As a reader of romance – one who loves her happily ever afters – I’ll admit that I struggled with the amount of time that Oliver and Addison remained apart; logically, I understood why Addie cut ties with Olly even without the kind of closure needed, but I wanted them to sort through all of the secrets and lies and be as open and honest as they can be in order for them to move forward together.

Despite the fact that Oliver had his work cut out for him in order to fix things between him and Addy, he never gives up, even when it seems that there was no hope for anything more than regret.

Readers better hold onto their heart and emotions as they traverse through the rollercoaster that is Oliver and Addison’s story; there are so many ups and downs and twists and turns that it’s unclear up until the very end if what began under false pretenses is something worth fighting to get back.

4 Poison Apples

About the Author

Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.
When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.

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