RELEASE BLITZ AND REVIEW: Hooked by Joanne Schwehm

Title: Hooked
Series: Prescott Series #5
Author: Joanne Schwehm
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2019

I love my life. As owner and chef at one of the hottest restaurants, I know how to keep things sizzling in and out of the kitchen. What more could I ask for? But I’ll tell you what I didn’t ask for… a klutzy, curly-haired woman slamming into me with a unicorn cake. Yes, you read that right—a damn cake decorated to look like the mythical creature bathed in every color of the rainbow.

What could be worse, right? I’ll tell you. My brother hired her to be my pastry chef. You’d think that would be my biggest problem, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Aside from her being one of the clumsiest women I’ve ever met, she turns me on like no other woman has. She tastes sweeter than anything she creates, and we make a great team in and out of the bedroom… I mean kitchen.

When we first met, I worried my restaurant wouldn’t survive her. Now I worry that my heart won’t.

I never wanted to fall in love, but sometimes life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows.

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My Review

The way that Josh and Gia meet in Joanne Schwehm’s latest release, Hooked, has to be one of the most entertaining encounters that I’ve read in a romance book for some time, and the fact that their more than awkward initial interaction is only the beginning of what occurs between these two made me eagerly read on, hoping that the electricity between Josh and Gia amped up instead of sputtering out.

And, after finishing their story, I’m happy to say that every time Josh and Gia find themselves around one another, a lot more things fly than cooking utensils, cake, and other delicatessens, and watching them find their place with one another, both in and outside of Prism’s kitchen, made for one great read.

It’s interesting how people view/judge other people’s idiosyncrasies negatively just because they’re different or awkward. Josh saw Gia’s clumsiness as a negative personality trait – one that angered him at the beginning of the story, but as the story continues and as he accepts that Gia’s a klutz and that, that part of her is endearing rather than aggravating, he starts to see just how amazing she is and how good they could be.

I love a quirky and clumsy heroine – there’s something real about her, relatable if you will, that allows readers to connect with her. I can’t help but cheer Gia own, even when she’s a hot mess, because she is who she is and that’s all that matters to her.

Gia is an absolute gem of a main character – not only because she’s one heck of a fantastic baker, but because there are so many sides to who she is and that is illustrated brilliantly in Hooked. She may be vulnerable and a bit insecure at times, but she’s also a beast, especially when she’s in her haven – the kitchen.

Not only does Josh prepare delectable food for his patrons, but he also has one heck of a delectable personality and physique, which means that it’s more than just his food that women salivate over. Josh is a commanding hero – one who runs a tight ship because he’s a perfectionist and he expects nothing but the best from those he employs.

Schwehm’s Prescott series has been a blast to read. Each story has been entertaining, steamy, and comical, with a bit of angst thrown into the mix. The Prescott siblings are a unique bunch, and while they may be a bit too rowdy and over the top when they’re all together, I wouldn’t want them to change because it’s their personalities that make for good stories.

4.5 Poison Apples

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Author Bio

Joanne is a bestselling independent romance author and has written several contemporary romance novels. She strives to create relatable characters that readers will laugh and fall in love with.

Above all else, she’s a mother and wife and loves spending time with her family. She enjoys meeting new people, traveling, reading, and relaxing on a beach.

When she’s not writing or devouring a great book, Joanne is also an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys. She also enjoys playing and watching golf.

Joanne loves everything about romance—she attributes this to her Italian upbringing. She believes everyone should have romance in their lives and hopes her books bring joy and happiness to readers. Joanne looks forward to sharing more love stories in her future novels.

A message from Joanne: When that unexpected chance comes, take it. You never know what you could be missing. Xoxo

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