Fairest Reviews Editing Services



An intensive, developmental edit focused on story line continuity and creating resonant characters arcs.

Focused Areas Include: 

character growth/development

plot inconsistencies/issues

flow of story line/pacing

repetitive details

sufficient character backstory included

Microsoft Word with Track Changes OR a chapter by chapter assessment that poses questions, makes suggestions, and offers insights on strengthening both the plot and characters.

A one-page analysis/summation of big picture ideas available upon request as well.

Approximate turnaround time: 10-14 days.




This occurs before the manuscript is formatted and a final proofread is completed. (All Beta reader changes should be made prior to a line/copy edit.)

Focused Areas Include:



word choice concerns

awkward phrases

continuity issues

timeline concerns

ensuring overall style meets genre expectations

Microsoft Word with Track Changes.

Approximate turnaround time: 10-14 days.

*Minimum $50.00 Copy Edit Fee



.0045 per word

Focused Areas Include:

sentence structure





Noting of awkward or redundant word choice and sentences

*Minimum $50.00 Proofreading Fee 

Approximate turnaround time: 7-10 days




.025 per word

My most intensive edit service includes content editing, either while the draft is being written or once a completed draft is ready. Once content edits and the first round of copy edits are completed, the manuscript is returned to the author for revisions. I will be available for further consultation during this process. When revisions are complete, the author will highlight NEW content and then send back to me for a second round of copy edits on the new material.

Microsoft Word with Track Changes.

Approximate turnaround time: For both rounds up to 21 days.



.0095 per word

This combination includes a line/copy edit once to a complete manuscript (i.e. one that has undergone a content edit and/or thorough beta read). Upon completion, the manuscript will be sent back to the author for his/her edits. A final proofread will follow.

Microsoft Word with Track Changes.

Approximate turnaround time: 10-14 days.



I am a high school English teacher with almost 20 years of experience and a Masters in English. Not only are words my passion, they’re also my job! My nerdy side allows me to enjoy and to be invested in all components of the writing process. As an English teacher, I guide my students in all facets of writing, and as an editor and proofreader, I’m able to utilize those same skills to assist authors in the crafting of their stories, which is just as rewarding as teaching is.

Fairest Reviews Editing Services endeavors to meet the needs of both new and experienced writers.

Please email me at bbarneybooks@outlook.com to discuss working together, to ask questions, or to schedule a manuscript for editing.

Current & Past Clients 

Tia Louise

Pam Godwin

Gina L. Maxwell

Ahren Sanders

LA Fiore

Ilsa Madden-Mills

M. Leighton

A.S. Kelly

Trilina Pucci

Jay McLean

Lisa Renee Jones

Tara Leigh

Lylah James

Dani Rene

Nina Lindsey

Amo Jones

Lili St. Germain

Karina Halle

Monica James

Claudia Burgoa

Kim Karr

Emma Scott

Geneva Lee

Brianna Hale

Nicole Edwards

A.M. Brooks

Monica Murphy

Nikki Sloane

Gail Haris

Meagan Brandy

Olivia Wildenstein

Rebecca Jenshak

Rachel Leigh

Andi Burns

Abbi Glines

Sara Cate

M.L. Philpitt

Diana A. Hicks

Kristy Marie

Eden Butler

Brit Benson

Calia Read


Rebecca is incredibly helpful with both developmental and copy edits. With her educational background and experience as an avid reader of the romance genre, her input has been invaluable to me. On a more personal note, she’s an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend her services!

Gina L. Maxwell

Rebecca has proofed a few of my novels. I met her through her blogging. The dedication she has in promoting and sharing books, she has for proofing and editing them. She is clearly passionate about the written word, and her attention to detail is phenomenal. She sets a timeline and consistently meets it. She’s personable, professional, and a joy to work with.

L.A. Fiore

“Rebecca’s attention to detail is matched only by her grasp of plot and plot devices, making her one heck of an editor! She’s as thorough as she is thoughtful, a real gem in this industry.”

Michelle Leighton


Working with Rebecca on I Bet You was a wonderful experience. Her skills in grammar issues are top notch, plus she’s easy to chat with and superfast with turnaround. Definitely recommend!

Ilsa Madden-Mills

“Rebecca is not only knowledgeable, but she also has eagle eyes! I was extremely impressed with her efficiency and professionalism. Outside of proofing, her content editing is fantastic, she always asks the best questions helping to really flesh out a story. It’s a pleasure working with her and I honestly cannot recommend her enough.

If you want to see what’s in your head- realized on paper, she’s the person to work with!”

Trilina Pucci

“I’ve been lucky enough to find and use Rebecca from Fairest Reviews Editing Services for final eyes on my last two books. I’ve been more than impressed with Rebecca’s keen eye and attention to detail, as well as her turnaround. I highly recommend Fairest Reviews Editing Services and look forward to working on more projects together.”

Jay McLean


“Rebecca is a pleasure to work with. A true professional, her insight is thorough and actionable. My book was significantly improved by her efforts and I look forward to working with Rebecca again in the very near future. Newbies and experienced authors alike will benefit from her services. Highly recommend!!”

Tara Leigh

“Rebecca has edited two of my new releases, and it’s been such smooth sailing. She’s attentive to both the copy edits, as well as the storyline. I love how quickly she works, and also just how efficient she is with her edits. I would recommend her time and again. I’m so thankful to have found her, and I look forward to working with her long into the future with many more releases.”

Dani Rene 


I loved working with Rebecca! She paid attention to my needs and wants. I felt like more than just a client and could reach out to her whenever! I appreciated her professionalism and the time she took to turn my manuscript into a book I was proud of.

A.M. Brooks


Becky is no simple or typical editor. I’ve worked with two different editors before Becky, and she is the only one who tried to walk through my characters lives and who tried to understand me as the author. What I want, how I want it and why I want it the way it is. She learns the characters and the author’s vision. She doesn’t just edit. She breathes the story and goes into so much depth, walking through the author’s mind to see/understand their vision of their said work. She doesn’t change anything. She fixes it in a way that makes the author feel like “wow, there’s actually someone out there who sees my manuscript the way I see it.”

I personally feel editors read your manuscript, they check for sentence structure and grammar. They EDIT. They gloss over it because it’s just another job, another book, another unedited manuscript for them. No one gets personal. No one tries to understand WHY you wrote this story.

She has keen eyes. Always noticing little details. She’s patient and careful. Becky is not just an editor. She’s your support system.”

Lylah James


I’d say you’re thorough–detailed oriented. You have a keen eye for details that enrich the stories. You know exactly what works and doesn’t work. No matter if it’s developmental or proofreading, you go above and beyond to make the manuscript the best it can be. Plus you’re very encouraging and supportive. I think your style is great. You find exactly what we need and once you go Becky you can’t go back.

Claudia Burgoa


“Rebecca Fairest Reviews was a godsend. She dropped out of the sky just when I needed her, and helped to not only shape my book but gave invaluable support every step of the way. Highly recommend this lovely lady for her smarts and insight.”

-USA Today bestselling author, Emma Scott


“Becky was amazing to work with! My editing needs came with a tight turnaround and she was both quick and thorough! I appreciated her suggestions. They definitely made the book stronger!”

Monica Murphy


“Working with Rebecca was a game changer. Her process is so in depth and fully collaborative without being overwhelming, which is exactly what I needed. She challenged me to produce my best work and I can’t imagine not working with her at this point. She truly made all the difference and I look forward to our future projects.”

Meagan Brandy

“Becky has edited several of my books and she’s always insightful, precise and on time! My writing has been improving since I’ve been working with her and she’s a valuable part of my team. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Brianna Hale

I could not have asked for a better editor for my debut novel. As a new author, Rebecca’s skill and knowledge were a godsend. Her attention to detail helped mold my story into the best version possible, and her feedback has helped me grow as a writer. I hope we can work together on many more projects, because she is a true blessing to have on your team and I cannot recommend her enough!

–Brit Benson

Becky is incredible. She has a true sense of my characters and my vision and her editing helps bring all of that to life. Her patience is seemingly endless and her feedback is always spot-on. She makes me a better writer and I am so glad to have her on my team.

–Andi Burns

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