Happy Release to Geneva Lee and the third book in her Royal World series—CONSUME ME!

I was born a royal. She made me a king.

I can’t find my way out of the darkness. Without her, it consumes me. There’s nothing I won’t risk to reach her—my crown, my family, my life.

Because some love is worth dying for.

They can come for me. They can come for my throne. But I’ll take back what’s mine if I have to burn this city to the ground…



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My Review

Since their first encounter, Clara and Alexander have been consumed by each other; initially, it was the way that their bodies seemed made for one another. It was the way they reveled in taking each other to the edge, pushing past what some might deem appropriate for a prince and his lover, but it’s what made them both feel alive…made them come undone in ways that neither understood, but nonetheless consumed them.

Through secrets and lies, through times of trials and time spent apart, Clara and X have held onto their want and need for each other, so much so, that even though they probably should have never began a relationship, should have gone their separate ways when it was clear that the path X was headed was one that would change the dynamics of his entire life, should have listened to the warnings and heeded the advice of their closest confidants to lead with their heads instead of their hearts, these two held on to their love for one another, to the fact that their choice would always be each other regardless of the difficulties that would come their way, and those who have been with the King and his Queen since book one know what this couple has surmounted and conquered to remain together.

Clara and Alexander have had to endure a litany of complications in their time together – assassination attempts, underhanded traitors and enemies, X’s half-truths and outright lies, but through it all, what has always remained is their all-consuming love, and with the circumstances they find themselves in when Consume Me begins, they both are going to need to hold to the love that they share to the bond that never waivers in order to find their back to each other without losing those they love and bringing down those who are against them, even when they were supposed to stand by their side.

In order to solve the missing pieces that Clara and Alexander are separately confronted with, they’re going to have to rely on themselves, those closest to them, which is not many considering they’ve been betrayed by someone from within, and the intangible bond they share, even when they’re in life or death situations of more people than just themselves. And, as the deception of those around the King and Queen is slowly revealed and the puzzle pieces of just how far back this vendetta against the crown goes, Clara proves just how strong and stubborn she is by refusing to give up, even when things seem hopeless, and Alexander proves that he’s willing to do anything and everything to get Clara back, even if that means going against the dictates and laws of his country.

There’s a lot for Geneva Lee to resolve in Clara and Alexander’s final book, and Lee crafts her characters’ journey brilliantly throughout most of the pages of Consume Me. The pace and flow of the storyline fit the plot’s events and amps up the suspense and intrigue as secrets are exposed and the main players involved in the crimes against the crown are exposed. And even though Clara and Alexander are not together throughout much of the story, their love and passion for one another are stronger than ever, and it truly feels like that’s the only thing that keeps them both moving forward, working to find their way back to each other. The one aspect of the story line that I would have liked to see more developed or perhaps just explained in more concrete terms deals with the people who deceived them while remaining in plain sight. Those revelations felt a bit rushed and not completely unraveled by the time the story ended, which left me with quite a few unanswered questions that I would have liked to be able to wrap my head around and thoroughly  understand why those individuals made the choices that they did despite how they portrayed themselves throughout the series.

The one idea that I kept coming back to as Clara and Alexander’s story winded down was that at the heart of this Royal World is the love that these two characters share because it’s an all-consuming love – one that is bound and determined to weather every storm and surmount every obstacle, and that’s exactly what I look for when I read a romance series, especially one as long as Clara and Alexander’s story has been.

4.5 Poison Apples

Geneva Lee is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author who writes books about wicked, alpha males and the strong women who bring them to their knees.

She lives in Washington state where she recently opened Away with Words Bookshop, a bookstore for women who love to read. Geneva might travel at any time, dreams of a Paris apartment, and spends her days raising her kids with her soul mate and an ever-growing collection of cats.

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