Prince Alexander of Cambridge ~ X


Original Name of Command Me

Command Me Synopsis

A man with the world at his feet, and he stole a kiss from me.

It should have ended there, since I had no idea who he was. Except that kiss was caught by someone’s camera, and now the picture is splashed on tabloids all over the world. I should have recognized him: Prince Alexander of Cambridge. 

Royal bad boy. 

Exiled heir to the throne. 

He’s controlling. He’s demanding. He’s dangerous. 

He warns me to stay away—that the press and his family will destroy me. I should run, but I can’t. The last thing I expected was that I’d fall in love, especially since he never will…

Passion, intrigue, and romance—Experience the international bestselling phenomenon with nearly two million copies sold and be swept into the dark and sensual world of the Royals.

For readers 18 and up due to mature, erotic scenarios.

Formerly titled For King and Country

The Royals Saga

Command Me:
Conquer Me:
Crown Me:
Crave Me: 
Covet Me:
Capture Me:
Complete Me: 

Read the ‘Love Note’ From Alexander to Clara from True Story Book Blog


I know you’re angry with me right now and I deserve it, but I’m going to prove you can trust me. When you chose me, I promised myself that I would protect you from my world. The problem is that you are my world. You are in this with me–every day, every hour, every minute. I know sometimes I let my cock take control. Not that you’ve ever complained. But I swear to God that I’m going to start listening. You have my heart, my life, all of me. Now please come back to our bed.

For always,


Dream Cast ~ Alexander & Clara 

My Review


This is what Prince Alexander offers Clara Bishop when a chance encounter turns into a steamy love affair that pulls both of them towards one another – towards a relationship that neither understands nor can do anything to prevent from occurring. Alexander wants to show career oriented Clara the pleasures of being commanded and taken, but Clara has to decide if she can willingly give him control because it’s something that allows her life to stay focused and healthy, grounding her in a way that her past dictates must occur.

But once Clara experiences the X Effect, she finds herself consumed with the dirty mouthed prince; her insatiable lust for him never fading, which is both exhilarating and threatening because right from the start, Alexander has told Clara that either he or his life will destroy her, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because nothing good can come from the secrets being kept from both parties.

I absolutely devoured Command Me and immediately dove into Conquer Me. Clara and Alexander are fantastic characters who bring light to each other’s darkened lives. They need one another, but the fall out of their connection because of Alexander’s duty to his family may be too much for Clara to handle, and I can’t blame her reactions or her pause to continue this love affair because it could end up doing more harm than good not only to her psyche and her body but also to her heart.

Prince Alexander is a bit of an enigma; he understands his place in terms of the crown and he does what needs to be done for both his family and his country, neglecting himself in the process. His past is shrouded in pain and that darkness taunts him on a regular basis only freeing him when he uses someone else’s body to do his bidding. Alexander is relentless when it comes to what he wants, and Clara is it, and although he knows the risks involved by pursuing her as he does, he just can’t seem to help himself because the lightness she brings into his life is something he can’t willingly give up even if it’s what is best for all involved.

Clara needs to be freed from her own self-doubt and lonely existence; she just doesn’t truly understand that fact until she gives her body over to Alexander. As much as Clara tries to not succumb to his charms and keep it strictly physical, he calls to her in a way that no one else does. He knocks down her walls; he frees her from herself, which is not something she’s used to someone doing for her because she has always been fiercely independent. But as caught up as she is in Alexander’s body and the passion that exists between them, she still tries to remain clear headed with the situation because Alexander’s position as future ruler is not something that will go away and her place in that lifestyle is not something she sees happening.

Command Me is an amazing first book in Geneva Lee’s Royal Saga series; it’s intriguing, sensual, dirty, and downright scandalous at times, making it a must read. The characters are dynamic and the storyline is captivating right from the start. It commanded my attention from page one and now I’m ready to be conquered by the next book;)

5 Poison Apples

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About the Author

Geneva Lee is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author who writes books about wicked, alpha males and the strong women who bring them to their knees.

She lives in Washington state where she recently opened Away with Words Bookshop, a bookstore for women who love to read. Geneva might travel at any time, dreams of a Paris apartment, and spends her days raising her kids with her soul mate and an ever-growing collection of cats.

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